The other day I had breakfast with a friend, the partner of a very dear friend who has been so swamped in work lately that none of us have gotten together.

Friend told me that one of their two dogs, a cute, aging wire-haired dachshund, had died, and that she was pining away without "Hansy." She wanted to get another rescue dog, preferably of the same breed, because she believes that their other dog ("Sammy")  was having behavioral problems because he missed Hansy.

I refrained from saying "Give me a BREAK! Sammy has behavioral problems because he's an obnoxious out-of-control working dog that should not be living in a household with two career women who don't have enough time for him."

Sammy is a standard dachshund.

Sammy needs to live on a farm, where he can dig up moles and badgers and where he can go a-hunting with the master. Sammy does not need to live with a psychiatric nurse practitioner and an associate professor going up for full.

Sammy really is not a city dog and never will be a city dog.

He dislikes other dogs. And he bites.

I stopped taking Cassie over to their house a couple of years ago, after Sammy expressed his craving to remove her head.

But recently he's extended his aggression to their grandson, a smallish third-grader who spends a fair amount of time at their house. Sammy was his friend, but lately he's bitten the boy twice. My friend thinks this is a manifestation of doggy grief, since it began after they had to put Hansy down.

Moi, I would not have this dog. At least, not without a ranch for him to live on. But some things are none of my business. Consequently, I've held what passes for my peace.

So at breakfast, she tells me she's looking for another dog and I say nothing. Now today she posts on Facebook, with obvious delight, that she's obtained a cute little mutt from a local rescue.

I think what she's obtained is a recipe for a dog fight and a very large vet bill, if not a dead canine intruder.

My social skills are very poor. This is why I happen to prefer the company of dogs to that of humans.

So...I don't know if should say anything to her. And if I should, what I should say, and how.

Would you say anything? If so, what?

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What does the friend want to hear?

will the messenger be shot?

Shot? Very probably.  I've lost other friendships by speaking too frankly...


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