Has anyone else read "Under the Dome"? It's a huge novel, and is now one of my favorite King books. It's got a corgi in it! His name is Horace and he belongs to the town newspaper editor.

My son just finished reading it and was excited to show me the book jacket. If you look carefully, down near the very bottom you will see a little corgi. He looks like a tri.


Stephen King has corgis, and you can tell when you read about Horace that King is familiar with the breed.

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Geri & Sidney,

If you enjoy reading pet stories, one of my favorite animal story authors is a retired English veterinarian named James Alfred Wight (pen name: James Herriot). James has penned many books about his life and times as a country vet, there was even a television series based on his writings. My favorite of all his books (and I believe I have read them all) is "All Creatures Great and Small". His stories are riddled with Corgi adventure. Here's a link to his website, enjoy and happy reading!

Those were some of the first "big novels" I read as a kid...I loved them! I eventually collected all four :)

I didn't know a thing about corgis back then, many many years ago. I may have to re-read them purely for the corgi factor!
In "All Creatures Great and Small" by James Herriot, there is an elderly lady who brings in her spoiled little doggy when he's "gone cracker dog." Love that phrase! In fact, that is term we use for what you all call "frapping."

"Oh, oh, Lilli's gone cracker dog! Watch out!"

In... I think it's "James Herriot's Favorite Dog Stories" there's a story about a corgi named Skipper
I like Stephen King, I will have to pick that book up!
Dh is reading it righ now.
Cool! Has he just begun, or has he gotten a ways into it? There is definitely more "Horace" as the story progresses.
I don't have this book, but I was curious about the corgi on the cover art, so I looked it up on Google. Here's a cropped version for everyone to see! I drew a crappy arrow in so you can't miss it.

Thank you! He was so teeny, I totally missed him. I'm glad my son spotted Horace. While reading, I pictured him as a red & white, LOL
We love Stephen King! So I went to our library web site and put in a request for it as it seems all copies are currently checked out. Must be a popular book.
I bet it is popular! And at 1074 pages, it's not a quick read. I hope you get a copy soon.
I did not know this but that is so cool. I am a huge fan and have a whole new respect for the author now. How could I not?


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