We are at our wits' end here! A little back story...

We got our Corgi, Rocky, back in January 2011. At the time, he was about 10, 11 weeks old. As soon as we got him, we began potty training him with the crate method. By the time he was about 7, 8 months old (my memory's a little fuzzy on the exact timeline), he was fairly good with telling us when he needs to go (no more pee pads in his play area and rare accidents in the house). Fast forward to May of this year, when Rocky was almost 19 months old, we moved from my house (with a fenced yard) to a townhouse. On the very first day we were there, we also had friends over for a housewarming party. With all the people and excitement, Rocky understandably got very excited and peed in my brand new kitchen (embarrassing but not the end of the world since it's hardwood so that made it fairly easy to clean). When we originally moved to the townhouse, we only let Rocky stay downstairs since it was all hardwood floor and it would be easy to clean up if he were to have an accident. As the days went by and he did not have another accident (save the very first day), we decided he could come upstairs with us (where it is carpeted). He has always been good... until this past week.


On three separate occasions this week, Rocky has decided to turn the inside of the townhouse into his own personal bathroom. The first occurance, he decided to pee on the doormat that led out from our family room and onto the patio. The second time, he decided to come and pee in the en suite bathroom while I was getting ready for work. Both times, it was on hardwood or tile flooring, which, while frustrating for me, was at least a relatively quick and painless clean up job. The third time, however, takes the cake. With no indication whatsoever of needing to go, Rocky wanders into the master bedroom and decides to raise his leg up and pee against the leg of the footboard of my bed! The carpet was completely soaked and we had to lift up the bed in order to clean the carpet underneath. Can anyone think of any reason as to why Rocky would start peeing inside? I can't think of any reason why he would do this (other than him being a teen and rebelling against me making him pee outside. LOL!)

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Hi Sam,

Rocky gets three 20 minute walks a day (the last one of the day is usually longer since it's the end of the day and more people are out and about in our complex so Rocky has a need to go and greet every since one of them LOL). Prior to moving, Rocky was accident free for probably 6 to 7 months. BUT, like you mentioned, when we moved, it was not only a new environment, but also new furniture everywhere. So maybe it's not a UTI but a environmental thing?

Hi Dora, you are correct, go back to square one, slowly increase his freedom area, make sure you clean up his old spots very well, use enzyme cleaner generously. Read and reread the FAQ on pottytraining. Good luck!


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