This morning I woke up hearing my poor Sally puking (the yellow stuff) so I took her outside to see if she needed to potty or finish puking. It looked like there was also a small pee stain on my rug. She seemed fine outside, running around and playing (there's a few inches of snow too so that probably has her excited ;p). But now her stomach seems to be making a lot of squirting noises and gurgling sounds! She won't eat any treats either (haven't tried normal food since it's still a bit early). She has been trying to sneak bites of cat food since we've brought her home too. We've told her no, and she seems to be getting better about it.

This is my first dog I've ever really owned and taken care of (and it's only been a few days as well).
So any help will be much appreciated!

Oh, and she's a year and a half old Pembroke.

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Let her stomach rest today, just water and she should be fine the next day. Retrace your steps, see if she had anything different from the day before, is it a new treat? is it new food? a rawhide? sometimes it could be something she picked up during walks, eliminate the cause and that should do it :)
Hmm...well we got her new treats yesterday, and she won't eat them today. So perhaps that is it. Thank you for the advice. : ) She's seems to be feeling a lot better, and was even running around outside in the snow. I'll still keep her stomach rested for today just to make sure, though.

Thank you, again!
She seems to be doing fine now. For dinner tonight I'll give her some boiled white rice like you suggested Katy. She's been drinking plenty of water too and playing like an energizer bunny. lol

Thank you guys for the help. I know where I can go for my doggie related questions now!
And trust me, there will probably be some more. ;P
So glad she is feeling better, Allen. :-)
Lola always throws up the yellow bile in the morning just after licking her paws. So I try to clean her paws for her before we go to bed, and then an early breakfast so her stomach has something in it. Good luck! Hope Sally feels better =)


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