Callie has been peeing a lot more than normal, which at first we thought she was just drinking way more water because it has been hot. But the past few days she's had to go out a lot more and has even had accidents. Today she was snuggling on me and was fast asleep and she peed on me, and then I took her our (after I changed of course) and she peed another 3 times. All this leaves me to believe that she has some urinary infection.
Currently I am at my parents house so we don't have our normal vet, but I think I am going to have to bring her to the local vet to have her checked out. Does anyone know how I could maybe get a urine sample to bring to vet? I'm not sure if she will go for them because she hates going to the vet.

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you can use a small empty margarine / take out lid / tub. Get well soon Callie!
My female dog (she's a Dachshund/Beagle mix) has had Urinary Infections. They were a result of bladder stones, though. I noticed her urine was a very dark, orangish color, then went to a rust color. She was also straining to urinate. I called the vet and took a sample in, but she also had to have x-rays done.

I have obtained her samples two ways.... one with a clean sponge and put it into a container (used latex gloves) and the other way was with a flat, glad container (just held it underneath her).

How old is she? Is she experiencing any other symptoms? Hope she gets better! :)
She is 2 years old and other than peeing a lot and not being able to hold it she doesn't have any other symptoms. Her pee hasn't changed in color any.

I don't think she will like me trying to get a sample, she will think I am crazy.
I'd definitely try to take her to the vet or get a sample. Something sounds wrong, especially since she "went" on you while she was sleeping. When my dog had an infection, she would pee several times in a row too.

Lol! I took my girl for a walk and slipped the sponge or container underneath her so she didn't suspect anything. Of course, if anyone saw me, I'm sure they thought I was crazy!! :)
I may have to wait to get my mom to get a sample when she gets home. I recently had foot surgery so by the time I try to get the sample she has already finished. Callie can move WAY faster than I can right now.
Wishing you and Callie a speedy recovery! :) Please let me know what you find out about her!


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