I just finished the weekly de-furring of the couches, getting ready to start on the bi-weekly de-furring of the carpet. I just have a cheap Bissell vacuum, and it isn't very good at picking up the industrial-strength shedding of Miss Chloe. I am thinking I need to purchase a "real" vacuum soon to make this job as easy as possible. Any suggestions about models or brands that work well for any of you? I hate vacuuming from way back, so anything that can make it go faster/work better is welcomed!

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I got a Dyson and it's worth every penny. I got the basic yellow one, not the ball since the head is too narrow on the ball type. To save some hassle, I cover my couch and chairs with sheets. Keeps lots of hair off and makes less to vacuum. When we have guests, I just take off the sheets, shake them, and toss them in the washer, then put them back on, after I dry them of course, when the guests leave. Works for me!! The Dyson does a great job on the carpet and on my wood laminate floor in the kitchen and tile in the utility room. I know they are pricey but watch the big box stores for sales or look online for a reconditioned one.
Hoover makes a vacuum called the Hoover Whisper. It has rated exactly the same or in some cases higher than a Dyson and costs about $80. Its hard to find, but if you can find one that would be the way to go. I just got a Eureka, its yellow, not sure the exact model. It works very well but is a bit heavy. It too was around $80 and sucks up all of frankie's dirt and hair.
My sister has a Dyson, she has 4 dogs, and I know she likes it. I figure if I'm going to buy one I want it to last and not have to be replacing it every year. I thought about covering everything too, but Chloe is a chewer and I am betting she would have those coverings chewed up the first day, lol! My furniture isn't anything fancy and she isn't hurting it, it's just a pain to try to get all the fur out of the cracks and off the corduroy-type upholstery. I'm thinking maybe I need something with a brush attachment?
I've had Dyson for many years , great for pet hairs.
Here's one of the thread 6 months ago. You can get a Dyson for $199 on Dealigg or Amazon when its on sale. Mine is 6 years old and I don't need to change any parts, just basic maintenance twice a year. I've owned Dirt Devil, Hoover and Bissell vacuums (all sub $150) from 2001-2004, they were no match to corgi hair, lost suction, frequent bag change, belt broke, burnt motor...etc. I do all my maintenance and repair. They all perform beautiful in the beginning, usually good for a few years, but seriously, if you can afford $199 for a Dyson and do the basic  maintenance yourself, it'll last you a long time.

I was going to go with a Dyson but ended up with the sears kenmore progressive upright it was rated by consumer reports as a top pick for pet hair and it is half the price of the Dyson.  I bought mine 3 years ago and is still going strong.  I love that all the attachments and switching from carpet to bare floor is all at my fingertips.  I checked the Sears website and have attached the link for the new version of my vac below.


Quincy attacks the vac when I turn it on, but recently I used the pet hair/ stair and furniture attachment on him and he loves it.  The rotating brush is like a massage to him!  Beats brushing him too!

I have friends who have bought a Dyson and love it.  It is all a matter of preference.

Good luck!

Thank you all! Chloe hates the vacuum, she thinks it is a monster out to get her, lol! I put her outside when I run it on the floor. She does okay if I'm doing the couches, but when it starts moving around she runs for cover!
I think I mentioned this in the thread Sam linked to, but we also have a rubber broom in addition to a vacuum- we have a pet vac but Potus's fur still manages to clog it up. So before we vacuum we go over the floor with the rubber broom, the friction it creates clumps most of the fur together so its easy to pick up by hand. Then we use the vacuum for the left behind pieces and the dirt. The broom is also great if you don't have time to vacuum (Potus likes to attack the vacuum so he has to be locked outside/taken for a walk whilst cleaning commences, hence we don't always have the ability to just whip the vacuum out and clean up)
Having been owned by Corgi's for more than 15 years, I love my Dyson, have tried other brands and still go back to this one.  I have the one with the ball as I found the head reaches to the edges where the other styles did not.  It is not the one designed for Pets but does a wonderful job!
Thank you everyone for the great suggestions!! We just found a little baby kitty on the porch...I am allergic, but my son is taking her to his room for the night until tomorrow so we can take her to the landlord and see if she belongs to anyone. Poor fur-babies, I can't stand to see them without a home.


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