Whenever you visit the vet, verify your microchip.  Gwynnie's chip was NOT detected by the scanner today.  Al's chip was immediately detected, but they scanned Gwynnie's whole body carefully (they can migrate) and found no signal.

She's 8 y.o.  We have no idea how long this situation has existed.  Her first chip fell out soon after insertion; my wife noticed it emerging from the insertion site.  It was replaced.  The second chip either fell out or failed;  if she's ever X-rayed, it'll be interesting if it shows up.

Home Again customer service (quite helpful) told me to take her to the vet and the chip will be replaced free of charge.  Good for them.  The rep told me that failures are mostly caused by the chip falling out, and rarely by failure of the chip itself.

These chips are passive.  They have no battery.  They receive enough energy from the scanner to transmit their information back to the scanner.  

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That's a great post John!!  I registered Jackson's after we got him last fall from Jane, and I got a call from the company about a month ago saying that there was a mix-up on his number.  Evidently he and another dog from California had the same number registered.  Ends up it was the dog in CA that was wrong, but we had to do some triple checking to get it straightened out.
thanks for that John! I wouldn't have even thought about it but will have it checked in a few weeks when we go in for boosters!

Thanks for the info John.  I sometimes wondered if his microchip is still in place or detectable so I'll get it checked this weekend when he goes to the vet for his shots.

Hmmm, I wonder what happened to Gwynnie's chip?

She's a corgi, she probably ate it!!
Thanks for the heads up. Winston needs his booster next month so I'll have them check his microchip. I bet Karen is right, I'll bet she just ate the chip! Haha.

Excellent info and suggestion, John.  We'll be getting the chip checked at the annual check ups.



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