Okay wonderful fellow Corgi owners, I need your help!

Our cute 8 month old Corgi, Remy, SMELLS SO BAD! Forgive my use of caps but he really smells bad. He does spend a good deal of time outside during the day but comes in to socialize at night and sleep in his kennel.

After we bathed him last weekend he started smelling really bad again about three days later. This isn't just dog smell either, it's pretty foul.

Is this common with Corgis? Does anyone else have this issue?

Thanks in advance for any advice!

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Where does the smell seem to be coming from? He may have an ear infection. Have the vet check his ears.
Could be an ear infection. Could be the food you feed. Could be the bath stuff you use. Lots of things.
Could it be that several days after a bath he's finding something in the yard to roll in? They like to roll in the smelliest stuff they can find.
Are you making sure to watch the shampoo completely out of his fur? Dirt actually sticks to soap, so if there's a residue that might explain it. I agree, smell in his ears and make sure that's not it. If it's just the fur, Remy is probably rolling around in something. Theo hates smelling clean and always does his darndest to roll in something disgusting to smell more to his liking. Also, try brushing his fur at night. That should help get some of the loose dirt off between bathings.

What are you feeding him? You could try switching foods to see if that's the problem if nothing else seems to work. Good luck!
Did you check his teeth?? Boomer, our last corgi, smelled really bad and it turned out that her gum was inflammed.. which means gingavitis!! so we brushed her teeth every other day and it got better. We also thought she smelled bad because of the food we fed her. She had Science Diet.. which we learned later that it's not a good brand. So now we feed Bandit the Kahoots brand, which is locally made with better ingredients and he doesnt smell AT ALL.
Thanks so much everyone!

I am going to schedule a vet appt. since one of his ears does seem to smell more than anything. It's hard to get really close to him because he wants to jump all over you so it was hard to tell exactly where the smell was coming from. We are working on training him but being that close up is too much for him to resist. Something else to work on! ;)

We are using the Furminator shampoo on him. Has anyone had problems with that one or do you have one that you like better?

His teeth look really good from what I can tell. I'm thinking this may be an ear infection though.

Thanks again everyone!
I was going to mention the furminator shampoo once you rule out anything medical. I bought the furminator a while back and it came with the waterless shampoo which I discovered a couple days ago that it makes Dax smell GREAT. I would like to find some actual shampoo that keeps them smelling good though, everything always wears off so quickly and he just smells like dog again. Heh.
LOL, I agree the shampoo seems to wear off quickly. I ran across a bottle of the waterless shampoo too, and will try it on Remy.

Thanks Amanda!
My aunt had a problem with her dog smelling really bad and it ended up being a stopped up and infected anal sac. You might want to have a look... or have a groom/vet have a look.
Did he chew on something recently? Because my corgi found one of my grandmother's purses and chewed the wooden handle and a piece of wood got stuck in her back teeth and I couldn't find it for about 3 days and it literally made her mouth smell like something died.

Or it could be his ears? Or does he keep rolling in something outside? Or maybe he eats something bad from outside?

Hope you find out soon!
Fresh N' Clean dog cologne, long lasting, nice smell. If he is outside all day and he is otherwise a healthy pup, it could just be that outside smell they get, try the cologne, it is what we used at the grooming salon i worked at. And yes, daily brushing helps a lot.
Thank you so much! I will look for that cologne. We had taken Remy to the vet just to check his ears and make sure everthing was okay. He is fine but the vet thought that the odor could have been due to him loosing his baby teeth. Thank you for all your support and suggestions!


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