So, Jenny and I took Leena to the vet today because she had quite a bit of blood in her urine.  We took her in, and after urine analysis and an x-ray, the vet didn't find much.  He said she did have crystals, so she's on a urinary tract health medicine.  He said, "I'm not saying Blue Buffalo is a BAD food, but you should try something with meat as a the number one ingredient."  Pretty sure the Blue Buffalo she's been eating has lamb as the main ingredient.  He recommended Pro Plan (which she did just fine on) or Science Diet, both of which contain corn (which I'm not necessarily opposed to).  I just think it's weird that he'd put down Blue, although I agree she probably needs to change foods when the urinary health stuff is used up.  I wonder, could it be the lamb?

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This one

is 22% protein and is available in salmon too.

I switch regularly between 3-4 brands of food.  It can be good to switch brands periodically according to the whole dog journal.  Actually right now he gets one brands beef and anothers brands lamb in the same meal.   

I decided to take Bubba off Innova in light of the big P/G takeover plus he's not eating it like he use to. They all claim nothing would change, no ingredient changes or additions, etc., but;his nose and tastes are better indicators that their claims so, no more Innova. We've switched to Fromm 4 Star Chicken a la' Veg and he's doing great on it... not to mention  the protein and fat levels are about what Innova was but with less calories per cup.

Vet's a essentially paid/sponsored by those brands, which is why they recommend them, regardless of their lack of nutritional value. Reggie had a UTI not too long ago and I started putting Apple Cider Vinegar in his food and water and it cleared up almost immediately. It regulates their pH levels amongst other wonderful remedies. Just google 'apple cider vinegar for dogs' for some resources.


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