Thank all of you for all of your help. We've been asking a lot of questions about our new puppy and you all have been a great help.

anyway, What are some good ways to teach Rush how to walk on a leash. all he wants to do is just plop his bum down most the time. but other times hes really good on the leash. I know hes young but we really want to take him on short walks around the neighborhood.

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Leash walking is just a matter of practice, practice, practice...
The first time Ginny was on leash, she bucked like a bronco! She did NOT like it one bit! Try exposing him to the leash while your in the house. Just clip it on and play with him, go about your business. Give treats when you put it on and again when you take it off. He has to get used to the weight of it before you really start using it to take him where you want to go with him. Then when you start to go outside with it, hold the leash and bring some treats. See if Rush won't follow your hand with treats in it as you go short distances. Do everything in baby steps. The problem will soon reverse itself and he will start pulling the leash... then you'll have a NEW problem to deal with :)
If puppy pulls on the leash, you reverse direction and walk the other way -- back and forth, back and forth -- watching puppy leash training is the funniest thing in the world. You won't get far at first.
To get him to move -- try peanut butter on a stick?
Keep puppy at your left side. Later, you can teach him, "You're free", when he can walk ahead or anywhere.
We're in a city. We do NOT let them step off a curb, EVER, without the command, "Ready... CROSS!"
If you don't jaywalk, you can actually teach the dog to use crosswalks.
WRITE DOWN the vocabulary list of all the commands you want puppy to master, like:
Ready... Cross!
Let's go.
Heel (we use "Swing.")
Stay Close.
Eventually, in a safe environment, you might start trying this off-leash.

Spend lots of time/effort on this; it is so much easier when they're young. It will be rewarded many times over.
I like the use of "Ready...cross". We'll add that one to our repertoire starting on our next walk!

Like Ginny said, bring small (very small) treats that he really really likes (like small bits of hot dog or chicken). Hold the treat in the hand on the side of you that you want him to walk on. Reward him for even a couple steps at first and make a big deal over his success. Try going a little longer between rewards. Food + Praise should get Rush on the right track in no time!


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