Hey Everyone!

So exciting!!!!  We have prevailed!

The Corgi won the  http://www.squishable.com/s/dog_days contest!!!

Be sure to buy your corgi when it comes out!!!! Looks like no one can resist the power and cuteness of the almighty corgi.

Also, in case no one knew, there is now a Webkinz Corgi as well!!

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Yayaya! I might go see the webkinz too!!

They have a Webkinz on Ebay (Buy Now) for $8.79.  Just ordered one!



How exciting!!!!!!  I need a squishable corgi and a webkinz corgi as well now!!  Hope they aren't too hard to find!!!!

They have a Webkinz on Ebay (Buy Now) for $8.79.  Just ordered one!

Yeay! I will be looking out for them!
It kind of amazed me that several people were very upset that the Corgi won instead of their breed.
Comments like "why does everyone like Corgis so much?" and "Every Corgi I have ever met has been an ankle biting brat."
I found that quite harsh.

Why does everyone love Corgis so much?!  Because they're the best gogis eva!!  Especially my Butters!  That must be a rhetorical question since the answer is SO eminently obvious.

Cool! Will you let us know when it is available for purchase?

when I went to the website, it said around the holidays!!!  hopefully they meant the halloween holiday...hehe



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