my dog Pancho is limping and acting funny. I know ACL tearing is a fairly common injury with the breed. My mother's corgis have had various joint problems in the past but Pancho's symptoms seem to be different. He has a vet appt for tomorrow but I like to read up on things before we go. THANKS!

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When Henry blew his ACL he was completely non-weight bearing. Henry does have a low threshold for pain tho. He's managed to blow both of them, and has had surgery to repair both. He was miserable post-op, but I'm still glad I got it done. What they do is drill hole above and below his knee and put a heavy duty suture in place and over time the scar tissue grows around it and makes a 'new tendon'.

One of my friends dogs just walked funny. His hind leg just wasn't 'quite right' and he limped some.

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