so i have been thinking about this for some time. teddy grows so very fast. he is about 21pounds at 5 months and has recently not been liking his harness. its a blue step in harness and he never use to mind it till i have notice that where the strape go behind his front legs, he is losing hair! so i can imagine that it must be uncomfortable. when i go to put in on he gets really submissive, even with treats and coasing. but once he has it on he gets sooooooo excited and cant wait to go for a walk or bye bye. runs around and just goes crazy haha but i have been looking in to maybe the mesh harness but it might be hot with the 100' summer days here in Charleston, plus his head is a little to big to go through the top lol so what kind of harnesses do u all use? he is a very well behaved gentle (man)corgi so there is no pulling ;P lol any links to what harnesses is greatly appreciated that way i can get a visual of it, ya know? thanks  everyone! 

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i was thinking the same thing lol probably depending on the weight i bet they would but at first it might have to get use to it
I just have a basic harness for Howie, but it was given to my by the previous owner's of my other corgi, so I'm not sure of the brand. I slip it over his head and one of his legs go through a loop and the clip part goes behind the other leg and clips at the top.. does that make sense? With my other corgi mix that we used to have though, we ended up using a slip collar (it's similar to a choke chain but not a chain, it's like a thin nylon collar).. because that was the collar given to us at the obedience class. And he was really aggressive towards other dogs so we kind of needed it when we were on walks with him! Idk about you, but with both of my dogs I have always taken the collar/harness off when we are inside. That way it's not rubbing on them all day. I wouldn't recommend that if your dog tries to dart out the door when it's opened though. My only other guess about the harness you are using with your pup is maybe it is the wrong size or is too tight, since you said he's growing so fast. I wonder if they make a padded harness that wouldn't irritate him so much? or maybe you could ask your vet if it's ok to put like a lubricant where it's rubbing the hair off? anyway hope this helped :)

ps- as far as keeping your pup cool, i know it gets really hot down here in FL in the summer months, and I just adjust the time I have Howie outside. I either walk him very early in the morning or at like 5 or 6 at night, that way it's still light out but cooler. When we are outside in the middle of the day, we try to keep to shady areas and I always bring water everywhere. Also, when we get back inside from being outside, I give howie an ice cube or two to crunch on. He loves to eat them!
o yea that makes sense. i had one of those for my moms dogs. i only use the harness when we go somewhere or walks, other than that he just wears his collar with his tags. when he gets excited he dosnt run out the door lol he just runs to it and gets excited but i dont leave un till he calms down but sitting down. i always try to keep it lose on him but the next day it seems like its tight again. i was given this harness maid by yuppie puppy that had padding on the straps that go behind his legs but he didnt like that one either because the straps in front were way to big so it was hard for him to walk. and thats a good idea to walk later in the day. yesterday it was unbearable at 2pm it was so hot they didnt wanna go outside to go potty, poor babies! and thanks for your advice:)
I think the harness I have is similar to this one...
that also looks like a nice harness, very well maid too. hopefully he wont mind that one lol
Why not just walk him with his collar and leash? You said he doesn't pull so he should be fine with a collar. I just use a harness in the car with the seat belts for the dogs. Harnesses look very uncomfortable to me and can cause your dog to pull more than a collar. Just be sure the collar isn't too loose. You should be able to fit 2 fingers under it and no more.
o yea i am always checking to see if its properly fitted i would do that but he freaks out when i try to walk him like that, thats why we tried harnesses, he never use to mind them till i walked both are dogs on a two dog leach since its hard to use two at the same time, snoopy pulls really bad, no matter what i do i cant make him stop so he was basically dragging teddy, after that he gets freaked out when he sees his harness. so to make it easier we r getting snoopy a head collar and teddys some kind of harness that will be comfortable for him
I don't really like to use only collars for walking. Even if they don't pull. I am always afraid they will try to get out of the collar and succeed. I always test the snugness.... But I still prefer a harness...
i agree, i have always prefer d the harness, alot more control if something were to happen and i know that dogs necks are very sensitive so even using a color walking can irritate them. and like i said he freaks out when i tried to just take him to go potty, he would not move! so we have to use harnesses which dosnt bother me lol also i have security if the collar buckle wants to snap off (which has happened to a lot of ppl and have lost their dogs)
has any one ever used the mess harness? if so what r the pros and cons of it?
If it's a case of the harness rubbing in a certain spot, how about using more than one style of harness, and switching off. That way the straps would rub in different spots on different days. Just a thought.
yea i was thinking about getting different type of harness for him, thats why i posted lol :) i was just seeing what different types everyone had


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