So I got Ein a devil dog costume this year, but maybe I should have gone with macgyver instead. My husband had a sandwich for lunch and it came with a peppermint. Just a plain ol red n white peppermint in a square wrapper. In the 30 seconds that it took my husband to go to the restroom Ein saw his chance (this is the part i'm not sure about) He either mananaged to squeeze the mint out of the wrapper while it was still on the table OR he got it off of the table squeezed the mint out and then spit the wrapper back onto the table, ATE the mint and went and layed back on his pillow like nothing happened. This is only the most recient "Macgyver" moment. I'm not sure he's not rigging some system to get into the fridge while we are away. :) How has your corgi been a macgyver?

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Morgan is more a destroyer of worlds than a macgyver, but Miranda is too smart for her own good. I guess the most recent was she and Morgan broke into a box of cookies I had hidden. She placed part of the debree in HIS kennel and walked away proudly. She was placing evidence. It would have worked except I was awake and watching from my bed. I was so entertained I did not care that they were being bad. It was just funny. Now I think twice before scolding Morgan for unidentified puppy behavior. He might just be the victim in a set up.


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