I have visited several sites to try to find the cutest, most unique dog costume. So far we have it down to either batman, or batgirl in Quixotes case since she is all ears right now! Or an astronaut costume with an acme pack that we found at glamourdog.com. It is a hilarious costume and definitely would suit quixotes speed rocketing runs around our house!
What is your corgi going to be this halloween?

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My mom wants Teddy to be Robin Hood. She has a grand plan in her mind on how she's going to make it work, complete with bow, quiver full of arrows and a hat with a feather. We shall see. I don't think he will tolerate any of it.
Squirrel....definitely a squirrel. I will have pics when I get his costume.
That is awesome. are you making the costume?
No, I wish I were that crafty! I found it on a few websites but Target has it coming soon!

That is tooooo cute! I have not seen that costume!!!
OMG!! That is great...I'd buy it but I'm afraid our other dog would mistake Seanna for a squirrel and eat her!
There is some disagreement about that :) My boyfriend votes for lobster & I'm thinking Snow White... I just can't wait until Halloween photos are uploaded to this site so I can see what everyone's blinding cuteness.

Check out these outfits -- super cute!

I love that link, i really like the corgi that is dessed as a sheep being herded by a corgi.
I loved the link as well! Especially the sheep. haha Thats great. I would love a costume like that!
I think that costume may be homemade -- it's just too perfect!! All the sheep ones I'm finding online look very different. I'm inspired to try making one -- I just love it! If it doesn't work, Snow White it is :)
Ooh, thanks for the link. I saw a couple of Robin Hoods in there. I'll have to show my mom.
Love the Scarecrow one!!

I actually think I recognize some of those pretty faces!! For sure I see Kaley corgi in there a couple times!


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