I have visited several sites to try to find the cutest, most unique dog costume. So far we have it down to either batman, or batgirl in Quixotes case since she is all ears right now! Or an astronaut costume with an acme pack that we found at glamourdog.com. It is a hilarious costume and definitely would suit quixotes speed rocketing runs around our house!
What is your corgi going to be this halloween?

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This year my boyfriend and I are going as Inspector Gadget and Penny, so Baxter is going to be Brain the dog! All we need to do is get a red collar for him. Easy shopping. =)
Roz and I are going as (radical) Edward and Ein. My husband is going as Jet and my two friends are going as Spike and Faye.

... now all we need is a Vicious and Julia to make our Halloween complete!
Teddy is going to be a tiger:) he looks so adorable with the tail. I will have to post pics soon
Noodles already has his costume and I put it on him every night in order for him to get use to it. Noodles is a bull with a cowboy on his back. I'm surprised that he doesn't mind the hat too much, but I think it is because the horns feel like his ears when he runs, so he is okay with it. Pictures will soon follow, have no fear. I think he looks absolutely adorable!
Thanks everyone for sharing! I finally decided quixote would be a bat this year. I just ordered her wings. : )
so.. initially Mira was going to be a giraffe (my familiar) and I was going to go as a mage. I make all the costumes.
But, now, we're thinking she should go as a mini-mage, since we have extra dress fabric...
(The giraffe idea was because I'd already bought fleece with the pattern on it, before getting Mira!)

Will absolutely post pics when it's done.
Love it!

Here's Mira's finished costume. She tolerated it for a bit but was threatening to kill me. My dress matched. (Don't have a pic of that right now.)
So very svelt & elegant!
This year Rogan and Ginger are going to be an Angel (complete w/halo) and a Vampire.......
They tolerate the costumes for about a half hour, just enough time for me to take a bunch of pictures.........
Their Daddy is away with the Army this year, so he will really appreciate the pics!!


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