Hey guys, was wondering if anyone could help me figure out what my Corgi Sunny is mixed with.


I'm picking the pup up tonight and I'm super excited.

A few friends are thinking Basenji or Collie.

Wondering if anyone has any other ideas.


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I'm not so sure Sunny is mixed with anything.   Looks to me like he might be a full Corgi.  A couple of generations of not-so-careful breeding have gotten him up in the leg a bit.   And his nails are way too long.  :)    You'll need to bring them down gradually over time so the quick can go back.

What a cutie!   Good luck.  Let us know how it goes!

Maybe a collie, but not by much! He definitely has the Corgi look. You should get a breed test you can buy them off line and find out! Good luck, Sunny is cute!

I think maybe a terrier or just a misbred corgi.

Probably not basenji. Corgis sometimes have that broad flat look between the eyes, which is a little similar to basenjis.

He does look like he could just be a tall skinny corgi, though his paws are fairly dainty...You can find the breed Id kits for a decent price on ebay-it might be worth it to know what kind of genetics you are dealing with ;)

I am thinking mostly Corgi with a touch of Sheltie.

He may just be all Corgi, the important part is what does he think he is.  You'll know his heart soon enough.  The behavior sometimes can give better clues than any DNA test kits.  I'd save my money on that, some of the results I've seen with mixed breeds have really left me scratching my head.  Congratulations on your new friend.

Thanks for the replies everyone.

Sunny is an amazing dog. We picked him up from SFO last night, he arrived from a Taiwan shelter.

He was very scared at first, but definitely started warming up after getting away from all the large crowds at the airport. 

I will probably look into a DNA kit for him, but I am sure he is a corgi, he is already showing all the corgi traits. He picks up on things quickly, he is happy, and he tends to stop in the middle of his tracks for no reason during walks. 

Really glad I found this site, I'm sure I'll be coming back frequently with questions.

Hi Ronnie, which organization did you adopt Sunny from?


I really wanted to adopted locally, so I contacted this San Jose shelter, didn't know they did things a little differently.

I thought it was strange that they would bring pups in from Taiwan. But after talking to the adoption people, it looks like they have a pretty good connection with some shelters in Taiwan and make sure dogs there find a good home here.

Awesome, thanks for sharing!

I agree, I think he looks all corgi.  He sure has got that great corgi smile!  He is adorable and I bet he will bring lots of joy and laughter to your house.  Please keep us updated.

OMG.  It looks just like my beloved Dillon.  I have a picture of him on my site.  From what I could muster, he was corgi/white labrador.  Had the corgi butt fur, long body, with moderate legs.  Fur was all labrador.  Whatever he is, he is adorable. 


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