I live in a state that does not have very many corgis. I guess it's a rarity to ever see one in my city.  I think so far, I've only ever seen ONE OTHER corgi, other than my own.  LOL.

 But for those who don't see or know much of corgis, they usually ask "what is your yorkie mixed with?"


Nothing against yorkies, they are CUTIES pies too, but.... Well... i guess i COULD SEE a yorkie trait in him (if i didn't know him to be a corgi).  He does have the pointy ears and short legs, but then that's about it.

I've also gotten asked if i mixed a yorkie and a brown/white malamute.  LOL...

 IF people didn't recognize what breed your dog was right away as a Corgi. What breed has your dog been mistaken for? 

(but then of course, as soon as i say he is a Pembroke CORGI, they're all like, "OH... like Queen Elizabeth's DOGS??")  LOL


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LOL... my dad said my dog looked like a lil fox.  

He calls Momo a LIL Fox dog.  LOL.

A Husky. We were in the vet's office today and a woman walked in and thought he was a Husky. I also had another person tell me that. I guess it's because he's a tri-colored. 

Conversely, I find it very curious what passes for a corgi on Petfinder. And am astounded at some of the mixes. Wow Bernese Mountain Dog and Corgi? Mind- boggling!

I have been asked if Lucy is a fox! (as if I would be walking a fox) Someone told me, that from a distance, she thought I was walking a big cat! The most common misconception is that Lucy is a "wiener dog." I assume these folks don't know much about dogs at all. I love it when people see Lucy and yell "ooh a corgi! I love corgis!" Lucy, of course, loves it too. She gets all wiggly and sits on their feet for petting.


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