As the title says, I would love to hear from all of you on what made you decide on getting a Corgi!

I'll start

- I wanted an indoor medium sized dog that was also somewhat active at the same time so that I can take him to parks,trails and generally outdoor stuff.  I then saw the Corgi flop video on youtube and started researching the breed and everything about them fit the bill.  So in "short"(hahah), Corgi flop Video was what made me want to get a Corgi. What about everyone else?

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This picture and a quick "dog with short legs" Google search quickly after. I found this picture while looking up "Cute dogs" or something of the like on Google Images because well, since we were gonna be moving and have our own place somewhat soon, (it was like two years before we actually moved,) that I could start researching then for a dog to be prepared when the option to get a dog arose. I admit, at first I wasn't too crazy over them. I thought that they were cute, but other than that and Googling to find out their name, that was about the extent of my Corgi liking; until a couple days later when I was super bored so I decided to actually read about them. They sounded amazing, so then I went onto YouTube, watched a bunch of Corgi videos (including Corgi Flop lol) and then just kept on. The rest? Wekll, I'm pretty sure everyone else knows the rest!

We saw the cardigans on "breed all about it" on animal planet, and then started doing more research and decided they would be a good fit for us. My husband loved the description of their personalities as being loyal to their owners but aloof with strangers. This may sound evil, but my husband and I secretly grin when people fawn over the corgis, but the corgis just go on about their business, ocassionally recognizing the attention by allowing a quick pet, but then getting right back to the business at hand.

My first hint of wanting a corgi came through college.  I knew I wanted a dog of my own when I got out and at first I loved big dogs and herding breeds (shepherd, Malinois, Border Collie, etc) But a big dog is a lot of work, less portable, and some of the herding breeds are too intense.  So I thought about a smaller dog, but didn't want to give up on the herders since my dog (15 as of this past April 14th!) is an Aussie mix and was so fun to train

Then I think it may have been an episode of NCIS.  Ducky's mom owns corgis, and I saw them there and pretty much fell in love.  Along the way, I met a couple corgis here and there in person, and they were exactly what I wanted in a dog (cute, social, playful, smart) I researched constantly about them and obsesively went on petfinder.  Then finally I was out of my parents' house and financially stable, and look who happened to step into my life!

I have always loved short hearty dogs (Basset Hounds, Pugs, Schkipperkes), but it wasn't until I was 24 years old, living in New York that I crossed paths with Corgis. I saw a dog walker walking about 10 dogs, two of which were Corgis. I was blown away by there funny physique and happy dispositions. I then developed an obsession, and when having a dog became feasible, I found a great breeder with a litter due. That litter happened to be born on my birthday, in that litter was Wyatt. :)

I saw Ellie online and couldn't resist that "You can't help but love me" puppy look she had going on.

My family and I came across the pwc breed as we were researching the breeds on the internet. We were actively looking to add a dog to the family, but wanted to get a dog compatible with the family members' energy, 'personality', etc. After 6 months of research and checking ourselves (and kids) for readiness we decided on the Pembroke Welsh Corgi. We rescued a 10 months old boy. It was actually an owner surrender (the owner had  a toddler and a yorkie). We drove 3 loooong hours and met Tod (R.I.P.) for the first time. The 3 years with him made us all fall in love with the breed. So, it was not even a question 'which breed', when we were ready to get a dog again. 

This time we wanted to have a privilege to raise a corgi from a puppy. Sought out a breeder, who had a very informative website. One of the videos had a tri boy that displayed confidence with sweetness. Acted like a clown:) All the family members agreed he was to be our dog. We had lots of communication with the breeder before committing to purchase. She provided us with photos and videos as he developed. When he was old enough to leave the pack, Miles moved from an Arkansas farm to the suburbs of Charlotte, NC.

At 9 weeks old Miles is adjusting wonderfully and we are looking forward to raising a balanced and happy dog out him.

My vet had one! She used to bring Todd into the hospital with her and he would greet the clients who were waiting. Those that waited sans pets were treated to him jumping up on the bench seats and asking for pets. 

He was just so awesome I had to find out more about the breed. Once I was out of college and had the time I got one of my own. Todd has since passed, but my vet has a new corgi puppy now that is just adorable.

I made the mistake of looking into its eyes.  It said, "Rark!"  which means, "Feed me.  Throw the ball.  Give me love, and nobody gets hurt..."

Actually, my sis-in-law had a corgi/golden mix that brought my wife's attention to the breed.

It's fun reading all these posts!  We always had big dogs too.  When my beautiful lab passed away last March, we wanted to get a companion for our big boy Maverick.  We still love big dogs but as we are aging, we decided it was best to go with a smaller breed.  I wanted a dashund really bad but my husband wasn't that thrilled with the idea.  I found a picture online of a corgi and my husband thought they were the coolest looking (as did I).. so we were able to agree on the corgi breed.  I looked high and low and FINALLY we saw an ad in our local paper offering pups.  We were just going to "look" and make a decision later...HA....right!  We fell in love immediately and took our little girl home that day.  It's been a great decision!! 

We were originally thinking about a pug cause that's what we had in the past but after watching Cow boy Bebop.... yea

Didn't know the cow boy bebop dog actually existed till we were watching the girls next door and someone yelled "that's the cow boy be bop dog!"

Upon further research, found out it was called a corgi. so about 4 or so years later.. yea we got a corgi.

Sounds bad but its like saying "the taco bell dog"

I wasnt' a responsible dog getter...I've always been in awe of the royal family, thought they were adorable, and got lucky enough to have a corgi mix fall into my lap (really), and that sealed the deal.  I'm pretty laid back though, I like all dogs no matter what they're personality, energy level, etc...

My husband and I love big dogs, but our townhouse, while not tiny, does not have its own yard.  So we had to find a dog with the qualities we love in big dogs, adventurous enough to go hiking, but small enough to play indoors.  Enter the corgi.  Also, I really, really prefer upright ears.


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