My little guy Rocky just had his neutering procedure done and even though the vet gave him some meds, he seems really uncomfortable (poor guy whined/cried pretty much all night). Can anyone give me any hints or advice on what to do to make him more comfortable?

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Hi Dora, keep the cone on him, don't let him lick his wound, keep the area clean and dry. He'll recover in no time :)
The anesthetic can make them fussy. They are kind of out of it and not at all happy. He should be feeling better today. The cone can come off to eat and get a drink and if you have him on a leash to go outside but other wise keep it on at least a few days.

When Noodles had this done, the only way he was comfortable enough to lay down and sleep was having him draped over my stomach. He slept like that for the first 3 nights. I don't know if it had to do with him wearing the cone or what, but that is what he decided was comfortable. I only had to give him his pain pills for the first 2 days and after that he was fine. He hated the cone, but I kept it on him for seven days like I was instructed. I did have to take it off for him to eat and drink or else he wouldn't have been able to do either. Oh, he also figured out if he dropped a treat in the cone, he could spin around in circles, causing the item to fly out and then he would catch it in the air. Yup, he sure knows how to entertain!

He will be better in no time. By the third day, Toady wanted to run around and I had to keep a close eye on him or else he would've ripped his stitches. Make sure he keeps the cone on so he doesnt lick and infect the wound!  That would make the whole recovery even worse.


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