Is anyone familiar with the show Robot Chicken? If you are, you know that when the credits roll, chickens are bawking the theme song. Wynstan goes absolutely insane, it almost sounds like he is trying to match their tone and sing along.

He also barks when certain shows come on, I guess he can pick up on the fact that I don't like them.

How about you guys?

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Cooper loves to watch Animal Planet... I think. Whenever he hears an animal make a noise he looks at the screen and its almost as if hes watching it with me haha.
Any time a horse or cow comes on TV Drag barks nonstop at them!
Kiwi absolutely HATES the hefty commercials, that say "Hefty, Hefty, Hefty" in a deep voice, it's hysterical.
My dog goes crazy when that commercial comes on too!
Bonnie absolutely loves cooking shows! I have too say that dog is addicted with food! she just sits there smiling looking at all that food. Quite funny!

Goldie and I are CRAZY about the show Bewitched! When ever it comes on our eyes are glued! Sometimes there are barking dogs on that show as well. So Goldie cocks her head sidewards and stars mumbling. Its really cute!!

Rocky absolutely loves the football! (A.F.L. Australian Football League) Im Australian. Any way My family and I barrack for Essendon. ( and i think Rocky does too!) When we score a goal my family and I clap hands and go yess! Goldie starts barking! Rocky just sits there with this hilarious smile on her face!! And when we lose we go "damn!" And Rocky growls! Its really funny!( also no dogs are around! he growls at the T.V.!) STRANGE!
Corgi's are so picky when it comes to TV! Mine absolutely hates Family Feud. Whenever it comes on and starts making those dinging sounds he goes nuts.

He also growls whenever there is a dog on television. I think he thinks the dogs are somehow in the house.
hahahaha that's funny. Going to have to try robot chicken. Buddha doesn't dislike shows. He loves any show with animals on it or quick movements. He loves ESPN dogs shows like the one where they jump high to get a toy and then land in a pool. He REALLY loved the puppy bowl on animal planet. He watches a lot of TV, even has his own spot on the couch.
Any kind of fake tv door bell just sets her off.
Radar loves the commercial that the bloodhound is helping the cat find the litter box. He stops what he's doing and watches. I think it's the music.
Izi is not a fan of anything in another language. If we put anything in Japanese or Spanish she goes nuts and starts barking. She also is not a fan of old Grey's Anatomy because of the Izzie character. She use to bark every time someone would say that name.

She does however like Cowboy Bebop, which I of course think is hilarious because of Ein. She also likes any tv show/movie that has kids in it. She'll just sit and stare.
Toby hates when the MGM lion roars....he normally growls at the t.v......he also reacts really weird when we take him around mike the tigers habitat...i think he just doesn't like big cats
When we watch Lost and Vincent barks, Orion gets all concerned and starts doing his low bark that's more like him puffing air through his cheeks than a bark at all. It will go on for 20 minutes after Vincent barked just one time.


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