Hi everyone,

I just adopted two puppies. They're now 8 weeks old. I was told by the original owner that they are Pembroke Corgis, but after doing some research, I'm confused.
They have short legs like Corgis, and at first I thought they might be Cardigan Corgis as they have tails. But their tails are relatively thin compared to most of the Cardi pictures I've seen online.

Are my puppies Corgi mixes? Any thoughts would be appreciated!

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Entirely possible.  If that is the case, don't own any small animals like hamsters.  I owned a Dorgi myself, my favorite dog that I've ever had in fact, but she was obsessed with eating my parakeet and gerbils.  And she was also smart enough to push stools and open doors to get at them.  Be prepared for some pretty smart, SUPER food (and prey) driven dogs if that's what you have.

Pictures of my old Dorgi, most in her 11+ years. And yes, I realize how corpulent she was.  I had issues getting my parents to realize she was not a living scraps disposal, and after that she started helping herself to things like our garden vegetables, and any grocery bag you turned your back on for a minute.

As one who owns a Dachshund and a Corgi I definitely see the wiener dog thing happening there.   Dachshunds are lovely dogs, great fun, very funny, but quite different in personality to Corgis.  But like corgis, doxies don't know they are short, they can and will act much bigger than their size.  I'm sure your two new friends will be wonderful companions for you just as our little doxie Holly is for us and for her big brother corgi Gromit.
They look to have some corgi in them, but def mixes. The reason they have tails as other folks mentioned is some corgis are born with tails and theirs werent docked. The blonde one looks like part golden retriever and the other one might be part retriever too, but not as sure because of the the coloration. Either way, they are adorable!

They definitely don't look pure Corgi. :/ They're mixes, but it's hard to tell which type of Corgi they're mixed with.

But that doesn't mean they're not adorable! :D

The first thought of mine..was def part daschaund.  They are cute!!


You know,Helen,the Queen has some good pics of Her Dorgis!!Check Them out,They look like Your new adorable pups.
What cute babies....It will be a great deal of fun watching them develop!  Welcome to the site.  ^,,^
They are really cute! :)

My friend has a Crogidor (corgi + Labrador retriever) that looks just like your pups!


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