Last night Bebop and I went to be around 11:30pm.  He went in his crate, laid down and got in a comfy position for the night. Then at 1:30am we woke up to the sound of him wheezing. I looked over at him (his crate is on my side of the bed) and he was just laying there wheezing.  It went on for about a minute, then I opened up his crate. He walked out to the living room and he plopped in front of the fire place. Wheezing stopped as soon as he left his crate. I stayed in the living room with Bebop all night and it never happened again. Has anyone else come across this before?  Oh and all day today he's been fine. No wheezing during naps or anything. Just not sure what to expect tonight.....
(Bebop is 7 almost 8 months old). 

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Wheezing and not a reverse sneeze?

Good question. Last night it seemed like wheezing, but honestly we were both so out of it! He was just laying there and his mouth was turned up in the corners like when they pant and it was rapid, which is why we thought wheezing.  However, we just looked up what a reverse sneeze sounds like....and it was kind of like that, but can't say for sure since we were so out of it. 

Mowgli does this regularly. He gets his neck in funny positions when he sleeps soundly and makes a wheezing noise, which stops as soon as he changes position.

I'm guessing its a reverse sneeze and not a wheeze. This is common and often sounds similar.

Probably a reverse sneeze. Our Boston is bad about that. He starts and can't stop sometimes. Short noses are worse about it. Sometimes you can massage their nose a bit if they keep doing it and it will relax the muscles and help them stop.

Thanks everyone! Bebop did a less scary version the next night.  My BF thought he was doing it again, but I thought he was snoring! Whichever one it was, it didn't last long and wasn't as loud or scary.  I was able to bring it up to the vet when I took Bebop in (for an unrelated issue) and he did mention that it could be allergies.  Pollen count, dusty, etc....I blushed a little, because Bebop's bed has been washed, but I haven't thoroughly cleaned out bedroom like I usually do!  Perhaps my little fur-ball was giving me a hint ;)

If it was reverse sneezing, my dogs do that from time to time, too. Seems like seasonal allergies. My vet said to give them one Benadryl pill and that fixes them right up.


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