Olive is 6 months old today.  She was started on ProPlan puppy at the breeders and I switched her slowly to Blue Buffalo puppy about 6 weeks ago.  I'm wondering how long she should be on this kibble before I phase into the adult food.  She hasn't been spayed yet if that makes any difference and I plan on doing that in another couple of weeks.

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Hi Christine! Olive is from Timberside from the breeding of Freedom and Lily. How on earth did you guess that? She's a very sweet girl and one of the most mellow Corgis I have known. We were lucky to find Kelly through a friend of ours.
It's generally agreed upon by most long-time breeders that puppies over 2-3 months not only can be, but should be, placed on either an adult food or an all life stages food. Puppy food promotes rapid growth which is exactly what you don't want. In order to keep the joints as healthy as possible, you want growth to be as slow as possible. In my opinion, you are perfectly safe to switch to an adult food if you are ready to do that.

Also, it's up to you, of course, but I will never again spay or neuter another dog until they are done growing unless there is a special circumstance. It's a little more work, yes, but it helps them a lot in the long run. Here's a blog post I wrote on my thoughts and it has a great link to Joanna's blog article about why it's best to wait.
I, too, believe in moving on to a good adult formula. I think you could start blending her BB puppy slowly with an adult formula.
Olive is a doll! She should model for a stuffed toy-- so cute!
My breeder asked that we wait to neuter as close to a year as possible-- she felt that growth plates needed to develop. Madoc was born Feb. 5, and we had his surgery in December over the holiday break so we could monitor him carefully. We never had any teenager male behaviors to drive us crazy (or I might have done it earlier!) But of course, Olive is a girl and breeders might have other ideas.
Hi, I have worked at several vets and am currently in school to become a vet tech, from a VETERINARY standpoint (i.e. a group of folks who know medically what is going on with your dog, I say this because many breeders have their own views) they say feed puppy food from anywhere between 6 months to 12 months. I took my corgi off at 6 months, they are a bit different in their development and because of their tendency to get fat I'd quit sooner rather than later. Also, with the spaying, you should ALWAYS spay before a female's first heat cycle, breeders have different views on this and I dont know why they always insist you wait. If you spay before she goes into heat you completely remove the possibility of her getting mammary tumors and other reproductive cancers. After each heat cycle the chance of her getting cancer as an adult increases. Its a medically proven fact. And last of all, Blue Buffalo is a great food, I am currently feeding my dog Wilderness and he loves it. I'd stay away from a RAW diet which is the current fad. I can't tell you how many pets we see in that are fed raw diets and have to be hospitalized for days to weeks. Its true that way back hundreds of thousands of years ago our dogs ate raw food but that was unprocessed meat, HUGE difference. Dogs and cats do get salmonella and other diseases from a raw diet not to mention intestinal obstructions from bones fed in raw diets. Its not worth it to spend all the extra money on the recent fad and then have to spend thousands more trying to save their life. Feed a cooked diet that is based on their evolutionary needs but NEVER go raw. I know I'm going to catch a lot of s$%t for saying this but it really is a dangerous thing. Sorry for the rant, its just a topic I'm very passionate about since I see so much negative that of course nobody will hear about until they've experienced it themselves! She's a cutie!!


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