My corgi pup Dexter is about 10 weeks old and I'm wondering when his cute little ears will stand up. Currently he's got some odd mid-air action going on, and one of his brothers had his ears up at 8 weeks.

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I think Gus was about 12 or 13 weeks before his started standing up all the time.

I just took the picture a few minutes ago. Gus is 4 months old today.
I'm right there with ya. My Spartan is almost 14 weeks old and his ears are still floppy. I've noticed that sometimes one of his ears stays up for a moment or 2 when he wakes up but, goes right back down. I've heard of taping of the ears but, I'm gonna give it a bit longer. Your Dexter's ears look like they are going to be up real soon.
My Ein's ears stood up by 13 weeks according to the store we got him from.
he is sooo cute. I also think his ears will stand up very soon!
This may sound dumb, but what kind of cheese do you give a dog? Are some kinds better than others? Do I want to avoid processed/colored cheese and go for something like cottage cheese?
I have heard of people giving cottage cheese to get the added calcium : )
yogurt is also a really good source of protein and good for digestion. As for cheese I would suggest a lower fat white cheese (if you want to avoid vegetable dyes) like mozzerella, sting cheese, etc.
Thanks a lot @ Arkansas Corgis.

I felt bad for doing this to my corgi Kobe but it definitely amazed me that it worked so quickly. I taped Kobe's ears at 1am last night and while i was at school, my dad felt bad that Kobe looked uncomfortable so he took off the masking tape and light cardboard and ta-da both his ears were up and it has been less than 24 hours. I would have preferred to keep it on for at least 2-3 days to make sure his ears do continue to stand up with no flopping. I was worried that his ears would not to stand up permanently because he is a little over 4 months old and was lucky enough to come across this answer. SO thanks again!
Our caridgan corgi had one ear up and one down at 14 weeks when we got him, the breeder did tape the ear before we left.
We kept the tape on for about a week, if I remember correctly (hes now 3) and when we took off the tape off it was still floppy and the breeder suggested taping it again but we decided against that as it wasnt any fun to get off, it seemed like the hair was coming of with the tape, felt so bad. I called our vet and they recommended massaging the ear while the pup was laying in a position where the ear would be in the standing up position and they said to massage his ear. I did that every morning and then all of a sudden up popped the ear! I would try massaging your pups ear. Good Luck. I want to say ours was at least 15 weeks if not a couple of weeks older when his ear finally stood up.
Annie's were up by the time she was about 12-14 weeks. When we brought her home, they weren't "strong and proud" yet, but the breeder taped them up before we left so we would know how to do it. We left the tape on a day or two (needless to say, Annie didn't like too much!), took it off for a day or two...repeat! I think we only taped about 3 times. For a little while, one ear stayed up, the other one flopped...especially when she seemed tired! My father-in-law still calls her Floppy sometimes!
Good morning Becka and Dexter! Not to scare you, but I have a rescued Corgi. Topaz is a retired puppy mill that I got from a breeder here in Oklahoma when she was 4 years old. Unfortunately, in Oklahoma, we have a lot of breeders who are in it for the money and not for the standards or health of the pups. Topaz's ears will never stand up because they got infected with fly bites when she was at the stage of growth where they were just starting to stand. But she's so endearing with "floppy-tipped" ears and just too cute when she runs -- her ears flop with every step and her tongue hangs out of her mouth, kind of "dragging." She looks like a spinning top toy! At least the breeder told me what happened -- however that could have been just a story from her, because none of the other Corgis I rescued from the breeder had the same problem. At one time, I had 5 Corgis, one of my own and the other 4 were rescues. It was Topaz's floppy ears that made me decide to keep her for my own instead of taking her to Texas to be adopted out -- and I'm so very glad I did!
Reggie is 13 weeks and we have had him for 2 weeks and his ears were already standing up when we got him.


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