Where do you get your Pigs Ears? What are your opinions?

The stores near me charge $2.00 a pigs ear but thaey are bigger than my hand, massive. I have found ones cheap online that claim to use no chemicals, made in the US, but some cut the ears in half or they are just tiny. I was wondering where other people get theirs from, and how much you pay? Also what are your opinions on the product? Some people hate all chewy items, but I have heard that pigs ears are low fat and less likely to be a choking hazard.



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I get mine in a big plastic bag with my groceries. Certainly not all-organic, all-eco friendly or anything at all. I've had no problems with choking or causing poopy problems. Rawhides and beef trachea cause digestive problems for Eddy, but certainly not pig ears.


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