As many of you know Franklin is the star of a book we produced called Where's Franklin. It was based on a fun hide-and-go-seek type game we play while on walks. The book is a fundraiser for CorgiPals and was a huge success! We have raised over $1,000 for CorgiPals so far! We actually sold out from our first printing and had to do a 2nd print! The 2nd printing has arrived and is ready to ship! If anybody would like a very cute book for both adults and children you can visit our store, it will make a great Christmas gift :-)

To get an idea of what Where's Franklin is about you can see the two buzzfeed articles that featured Franklin:


or visit his facebook page:

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That is so great and congratulations on the book's success!  I remember seeing the articles on BuzzFeed and thinking how adorable Franklin is. =) 

Franklin is just gorgeous! I wish I could photograph Winston so well!

Congrats on the success of the book - I think I know just who needs this as a Christmas gift, thanks for the link! ^__^

This is a really nice book. It has a place of honor on my coffee table. :)


I am a bit behind on filling orders but hope to have all orders filled by Tuesday! :-) I hope you like it!!


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