Why do Corgis bark so much? I NEED to know!

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LOL. When I was first around my mother-in-law's cardi, I wondered the same thing. The answer for her little buddy's barking is : sound. Yep. You run that faucet to rinse or wash dishes and he goes nutty. There is a commericial on television that starts off with a rooster crowing - he barks at that rooster. It seems to be lots of high-pitched sounds that he just dosen't care for. Actually, he really dosen't bark that much, but there are definite audio-based triggers for him.
Ha Ha! Some are not major barkers but one of the things they were bred for was to keep the critters out of the farmers garden. So the ones that barked at rabbits and stuff and scared them away were good. It also makes them busy bodies. This of course was before apartments etc. That is what I read anyway. I have one major barker and one that rarely does.
and why do they bark at non-existing stuff?
To you it is non-existing! Where is the "dog pyschic" when we need her?
Corgis are bossy little dogs! Herding breeds are used to getting their way, and they will control the house if you let them.

I had to train Hank not to bark inside, which was a loud, high pitched process. Every time he would bark, I would walk out of the room or simply not respond (I couldn't even look at him or he would keep going), and I would praise him when he would lay down quietly. It took a week of frustrated, frenzy barking before he learned, but it's better than the alternative.

Invest in a good 50 cent pair of earplugs in the meanwhile!
I think it's a combination of their personality and energy levels. They can go from zero to 10 in one second! Our corgi doesn't bark much at all, partly because she had a very calm, older german shepherd to provide an example when she first came to our house - although she was the naughtiest puppy I have ever had! If she barks unnecessarily, then she has to go into her crate for a while. She used to always bark at the neighbor dog, but now she just watches him through the fence because I was very consistent about making her come in the house and usually into her crate when she did bark. I also praise her when she "watches and listens with no barking." I try to figure out what she is hearing or seeing, and then assure her that the sound or sight is perfectly normal and acceptable and nothing to bark about. The key for my quiet corgi was to anticipate and catch the behavior just as it was beginning, and then to calmly and matter of factly tell her that her barking behavior just doesn't fly around our household. She gets it, but it does take patience.
I think it is because they are smart and have a lot to say.
my dog Bear barks when he sees little dogs, not at larger ones. just small little ones mainly white ones he acts like
he has to bark like crazy, and he won;t stop until we take him inside, and he also barks at squirrals, and has to have
the last say to everything, he;s a little stinker, but we won;t trade him for anything, we love him,
My corgi barely ever barks, but my boyfriend and I normally tire him out! lol He plays a lot of fetch and takes maaany walks a day. He does bark if you spray him with a watergun. He loves water! He'll also bark if you're in a pool splashing. But that's just when he's excited. Other than that, he really doesn't bark too much, even when people come to the door.
My corgi's bark excessivley, especially when someone comes to the door. I have tried every method out there to get them to stop but none of them work. I don't so much mind that they bark because it's a great security alarm, I just wish I could get them to stop once I opened the door to let the visiter in, they go on for another 5 minutes. They evenbark just when the door is opened and hear the beep from the alarm. Of course my teenagers will never be able to sneak in and out of the house!!! I would love suggestions from anyone that could help me control the barking a bit.
Our 7 year old barks at any diesel engine. He learned very quickly that the FedEx man drives a big truck and usually stops at our door. But this has now spilled to F250's, 350's, any delivery truck, etc. The key is diversion and praising a calm submissive state with a treat. Our 4 month old is starting to bark when he barks, which is frustrating because it's hard to kick that habit (especially when you have no idea when big trucks will be passing outside). Corgi's go from 0 to excited in less than a second, but it can take them 15-20 minutes to fully calm back down which is much more frustrating than previous breeds I've owned that can calm down in a minute tops since you're supposed to praise them for "good behavior" - - the EXCITED submissive state is sometimes all you can reinforce, which makes training harder. But, trust me, they know when they're doing something you don't like, and sometimes they do it because they know it pisses you off. Just like a kid, you sometimes just have to ignore them to get them to fall in line.
I think trhat's just being a Corgi.


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