Why do Corgis bark so much? I NEED to know!

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I had heard that corgis do bark alot. but Dave almost never barks. At first I thought maybe he had his voice box removed. I find now that he will only bark when he is trying to protect the house.
they just love to make themselves known. i have to constantly tell mine off so the neighbours do not complain. they can be trained to keep quiet but it is a hard process.
After a few years of the barking, you will enjoy it; or I should say it won't bother you as much! Yardley was a great talker. Not just the barking but all of his vocalizations.
I have one corgi that barks and talks all the time, particularly at the dog park..BUT Never barks at home...His brother NEVER barks outside, but barks at every noise he hears from home...
the first one, loves attention, so is always communicating with his bark..the second is very business-like.he barks at home when he feels it is his job! ( or so we think!)..who really knows?
One way to cut down on the barking is to gently hold their muzzle closed and say quiet, then give them a "Good Quiet". They should catch on pretty fast.It cured my 3 Corgis from barking at the squirrels and bluejays that tease them.
One of our boys barks all the time, the other rarely barks. It seems he barks as the birds fly by the windows, only at certain vehicles that go by down the road, anyone who comes up the driveway (ok, that one is a good thing), etc, etc. I have tried holding his muzzle, spraying him, putting him in time out, nothing works. Just have to love him...he is crippled now and barking is what he does best. Just wish he would keep the deer out of the yard!
I'm only working on a very small sample size here, but it seems to me that tri-colors are a sassy bunch. Mouthy, that's for sure!
Mozi's really quiet. I've only heard her bark a handful of times. Once it was at me because I was putting my shoes on too slowly for our walk!
Chester barks a LOT at different things--birds, squirrels, and when my son and I are playing physically or my husband and I hug! He wants to be part of the action, I guess. He also is a great vocalizer--We will have great "conversations"..not sure about what--!
It is definitely being a corgi, but a corgi on the meadow, still needs shaping and information as to when they are doing the right thing.. They were bred to do a job, so you have to let them know when they are doing the job correctly and being helpful..when the corgi's bark at the door, that is fine with me. I put my foot aside and they have learned 'wait.'.. i used a leash on them when inside, when they were younger. I asked my sister to come over and ring the bell. we practiced alot. I dont like to use the crate as time out, as they associate their crates with good things. If they need redirection, i take them on the leash away from anything and just sit there with no comment. Then we tried again..i rewarded 'wait' with treats (hot dog pieces)...when she walks in ( or anyone) I ask them to ignore the dogs and continue into the house. They get no greeting or attention until we are all in another room, and the guest would like to greet them. Otherwise, I control them,,,to sit or sit and ask them to sit with me...it has worked well...
The dogs bark at things they think are in need of alert...i let them bark outside when they want to.... that is their time...they always cool down..
I also NEVER work on training unless they are tired from exercise first...big romps, long walks, swimming or hiking..they have to be tired first!!
hope this helps!
The other night, Lucky, the crippled one, was in a lot of pain and squiggling around for a couple of hours! Going to vet today for UTI recheck and hopfully some pain pills. Anyway, my loving spouse snores loud enough for the next county to hear and shake the house - Lucky heard the snoring, usually he is asleep at that hour - and he looked up startled and started barking to alert me to an intruder! I had to laugh and let him know what a good boy he was!!


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