Do most corgis prefer to sleep on their backs with their feet in the air and why ?

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All of my three often sleep on their backs, usually in a funny twisted way....don't know why. 


If it is not on his bask then it is on his belly with his hind legs splayed out to the side like a smushed toad.
Dogs often relax and sleep on their back when there is no threat in the vicinity. Most dogs sleep with their backs against something solid in the prone position, such strategy protects their back from ambush / allows them to react in split second.
So they can get belly rubs. My two get between us in bed and flip right to their backs so we can rub their bellies while they sleep.

I always wonder if it's partly because their little legs are so light, so easy to hold up in the air, lol.  My Sheltie never sleeps on her back (only on her side).  I love the Corgi sleeping positions!  Darcy keeps me incredibly entertained, even when she's sleeping. 

My three corgis love to wedge themselves at the point where the floor meets the wall.  Tasha will also wrap herself around the ceramic base of the toilet, on the tile floor, with all fours up in the air.  It has to take some talent to find this comfortable!!!

All the best from Williamsburg:  Nan, Bear, Tasha and Linus

My Corgi doesn't do it often (I suspected he was broken when we first got him because he typically prefers to sleep curled up). When he does, it is generally after we have just come inside from a walk on a hot day. It's almost like he finds it cooler to sleep on his back than his stomach.


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