Arrghhh! Are there any vets or experienced dog people here who can explain why this stuff would have pentobarbitol in it OTHER than that it contains products from euthanized animals?

Perhaps i overreact...but every time I see some new off-the-wall announcement like this, I feel less crazy for having learned to make an adequate food for my dogs after the melamine flap.

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LOL! There are those in power now who would like to see that state of affairs return. However, these days two halfway decent full-time salaries are required to keep a roof over a young couple's head, so that ain't gonna happen.

The dog food issue is perennially interesting, though. In a way it relates to human food issues, because we also eat vast quantities of commercially processed foods -- in fact, I suspect for most people that's almost all we eat. These foods are oversalted and oversugared, and in some cases they lack the nutritional value offered by whole foods that you put together in your own kitchen. What really is happening with dog food is that we're giving our pets the same kind of junk we eat ourselves. We can survive on it; we help the economy by making some companies and their owners obscenely rich; but it's not the best we can do for ourselves or for our four-legged sidekicks.


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