I have no idea why Cooper is like this but since he's been a puppy Cooper has NEVER been excited to eat his dog food. I don't know if it's because he's had too much of a taste of human food, but he's never been so excited to hear the dog bag crinkle. 

Every other dog i've ever known has RAN to the dog bowl when it was time to eat, but Cooper walks and looks at me.. When i try and coax him i have to take the kibble out of the food bowl and put it on the floor and fling the individual pieces at him like a game in order to get him to eat... The past couple of days he's gone down from 2 cups a day to maybe a half of a cup.. 

But he's interested in EVERYTHING on the floor except his dog food. He isn't acting weird, so i didn't think it was a health issue.. He just seems like he doesn't like his food. 

My parents think i should mix his food with wet food but i don't know if that's healthy for every meal for him. OR just change dog foods? But i know you're supposed to keep them on the same dog food until after a year.

I just need some advice, i'm very worried about him. :C 

Thank you for all the advice in advanced. 

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  I'm not sure what it is about Corgi's but a lot of them seem to be pretty finicky eaters. Our Molly (9 months old now) was the same way when we first brought her home. It seemed she would hardly ever even go near her food. Even when I tried wetting it down or adding some vegetable oil. I'm not sure why, but she just did not like the dry dog food.  Eventually, I tried adding some canned food to the dry food and she decided it was ok but there a still times when she will not go near it. About the only thing that she wolfs down like all of the other dogs we have had is the Purina dog food in a pouch, We bought some when we were traveling for the convenience.   Put it in her bowl and it was gone in two shakes.  Anyway we are back to feeding her the dry food (Pedigree Small Breed) along with a large table spoon of Alpo canned.  2//3 cup  2x a day, She is a bit over 21 lbs now. 


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