The vet called and she thinks we need to test for Addison Disease.  Bucher is 10, will be 11 in October, my husbands first thought is his age and quality of life.  I want to have the test done, anyone dealing with Addison's disease???  I think I have lots of reading to do to figure this out!!!

Bucher is having issues again!  It started about 3 weeks ago when we noticed him licking the snow a lot!  He has been living up north with my husband so I don’t get to watch everything like when he is with me.  He hasn’t wanted his breakfast, but dinner he is eating normal.  Last Wednesday my husband had a class and in a panic called and said that he found crystals on the bed from Bucher.  It is so hard not being there to see in person!!  I called my vet and he thought it strange that there wasn’t any fluid with the crystals and wanted us to get him x-rayed asap!!!  I ended up being so nervous that I took off work and drove 4 hours up north to check out vets up there.  After my husbands class got out he took the crystals to a vet clinic in Phelps just to see what they thought.  After looking at them and noticing holes in each stone it was determined that they came from the citrine beads that I had sewn on his collar when we had the spleen issues!!!  That turned out to be a good laugh by all, but Bucher still just doesn’t seem quite right.  My husband came home Monday so I could take him to our normal vet and now I’m waiting on blood tests….Hoping for some good Corgi vibes from here!!!  It was just April 15th last year that he had his spleen removed so more than a little worried!!!

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Thanks I will check that out!!!


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