* you carry a furminator in the car...


* you have any item of clothing that has on it the words "bunny butt"...


* pet hair is considered a condiment at your house...


* you put your friends in the following categories: red and white, sable, tricolored....




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That list is just perfect! I do 9 of these and always feel guilty about doing #1, but keep doing it anyway because my Corgi's wiggle butt greeting is so much better than my husbands greeting :)

You rearrange your entire schedule so you don't have to leave your corgi home alone any more than is humanly possible.

-You have to change your vacuum bag after just one or two vacuum sessions

-You've had to switch the side of the bed you sleep on because your corgi has decided your side is the most comfy

-You get insulted when someone asks if your dog is a dachsund mix (not that I have anything against dachsunds, but corgis really are just that long!)

-Just looking at your corgi sleep makes your neck hurt because you know there's no way that's comfy

-You dig through your pockets/purse to get your keys and pull out poop bags instead

-Your floor looks like you bought out the toy section of a pet store

You know you're a corgi lover if you buy a new set of living room furniture based on what would the furbabies like, and how comfortable will they be!

You know all the Corgis on YouTube by name!

You have dog hair circle around your couch about 12 inches off the ground. 

You go on vacation and make a point to stop at a Petco, spending almost $100 on doggy stuff for when you get home and pick up your fur babies at the kennel!

When your coat pockets have more crumbs from treats then change.

**If you carry a vacuum upstairs, downstairs, and all around the house daily.  I'm going to name mine--it's like my second best friend now.

your a grown adult that gets excited about a corgi stuffed squishable. 


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