When I had only one corgi, this wasn't something that I thought about, but with 2 now, I find it interesting.  How does your Corgi go down stairs???!! 


Efan has always done the slinkey method down the stairs.  When Emme came along, she adopted the rabbit approach, all 4 paws at once and hops down the stairs.  It is so funny watching them go down the stairs side by side.


So how does your corgi go down the stairs??

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Nothing unusual. They it slowly and one step at a time. They can even back down the steps but not too often.

Jack rabbit-hops (two front legs, two back legs at a time).   He always looks like he's thinking really hard about it and does not go upstairs often.


Maddie sashays on down, diagonal trotting and flies up and down them almost every time we do.  They don't bother her in the least and she travels as easily on stairs as on level ground.

Well, my dog just dashes up and down the stairs. He's places two front paws on one step and two back paws on the back step and hops on down. Although, he tends to get excited and skip the last two steps! I get worried that he'll get hurt or damage his short legs so we don't let him on the stairs that often.
Marcus seems to slither down the steps. His back seems to undulate when he goes down. He really, really loves running up and down the steps. Sometimes when he's excited he'll just leap down a few steps at a time - we try to discourage that.


Check out how these 2 corgis go down the stairs!!! Pretty funny, not like mine. He goes straight up and bunny bounces down!


Our corgi hops down the stairs and sprints up.  It's like a game to her now since she is no longer afraid.  My inlaws' golden retriever taught her.
Love the video Lisa!!!  Yeah Emme is a bunny hopper, it cracks me up watching all 4 paws hopping at once.  It reminds me of how Pepe Lepew would hop along on all 4 feet when he was in love in the cartoons!
My three all do the bunny hop thing.  Nimh is the only one that will brave the long stairs down into the basement though...scares me because I can see him doing the Slinky thing down the stairs.  I try to stay in front of him but he's a stubborn guy.


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