At what age should I see my 10 week old CWC's ears start to stand up? Should I tape them? He is a pet (not show), but I do love the way they look with their ears standing at attention.

Cathy (and Blue, the blue merle CWC)

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Our puppy was a little over 9 weeks before her first ear popped up, then the other took a few more days, but she is a Pembroke. One of the ladies on my friends list, Alice, taped up her CWC's ears at 14 1/2 weeks, and they turned out beautifully. I guess because CWCs have larger ears, maybe it takes them a little bit longer to stand up? Anyway, I think you can wait a few more weeks before worrying about it, and maybe his ears will stand up eventually. But if not, I don't see a problem with taping them. Just look for a good source on how to tape them.
My blue Stewie is 7mos and his ears are floppy and at half mast. I give him cottage cheese every day and have taped his ears 2 times. He is a demi fluff and a CWC so I have heard that is can take longer. Good luck.
I gave Tank a small amount of milk and a piece of cheese everyday (per breeders recomendation) from the time he was 6 weeks, and by 8 weeks they were nice n perky! And stayed that way, she also told me to massage the ears a lot. She said they might fall during teething.. but so far he is 13 weeks, and they are turning out beautifully! Hope all goes well!
Penny's breeder taped her ears when we picked her up at 10 weeks but we took them down after 3 days because it was bothering her... The one ear fell the next day and remained down until she was 14 weeks when one day it just popped. Puppies calcium goes from their teeth to their ears back to their teeth... If you feel her ears may need to be taped ask your vet or your breeder. They might be able to tell if they'll pop on their own or not.
Also, I don't know if this will help or not but we fed Penny a spoonful of cottage cheese with her food for the extra calcium.

Oh and when I was doing research when I thought I'd have to retape Penny's ears I found this website you might find helpful.
Abbi's ears were up before we picker her up at 8 weeks , Chloe's litter were all up by 7 weeks but I have no idea what the difference between Cardi and Pembrokes might be
We taped our pups ears at about 10 weeks for 4 days. We took the tape off to give her a bath, and they were already standing up! I'm not sure what the usual age is though. We also give about a tablespoon of cottage cheese with her food.


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