Grace is now 7 months old. She destroys every toy I give her. I bought her a couple of toys with not stuffing and she chewed the ears off of them. They didn't last 30 minutes! She has even chewed up rubber toys. I am afraid she will eat and swallow them. Any suggestion for some good chew toys?

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We have the same problem with my mom's dog. She "kills" all of our 6 month old puppies toys as soon as she had a chance. So far kongs seems to last and anything made with rope. One neat toy we have it a ball of rope and the point of it is for the dog to shred it. We have had it for a week and it has almost doubled in size because of the shreding but it no where near having to be thrown out. It was really cheap and we found it in Petco. I also saw some toys in PetSmart made by Tuff that was supposed to hold up really well. Hope that this helps.
Stella's the same age and is destroying all of her stuffed toys and pulling out all the stuffing to get to the squeaky. She now has a nice collection of squeakies where her toys used to be! I let her do it and then monitor with the squeaky and eventually take it so she doesn't accidentally swallow it. As for what holds up, for stuffed toys, "Booda" has a brand of toys that are made from washcloth material and are pretty tough--at least Stella hasn't been able to gut them yet. Also, the only toy that made it from her early puppyhood was a ball made by "Zanies" brand that looks like a sheep (she has a cow, too). It is a little smaller than a tennis ball, and underneath, there is a rubber ball and it is covered with a cloth, stuffed-toy like material, but is mostly hard. It also has a little string on the top and she likes to fling it around. It's her favorite AND it holds up! I actually just searched and found some on a pet supplie site. They're called, "Lil barnyard babies." Here's the link: They are also really cheap! Rope and tennis ball toys have held up, too. She has a "Tuff" brand toy with two tennis balls held together with a thick rope. I also got this plastic ball with a motor inside that moves around by itself. She hasn't destroyed it yet. I got it at Wal Mart. I hope that helps, and I look forward to hearing others' suggestions!
Thanks for the link. The ears won't last on any of those critters! :) At least it wouldn't be a big investment. I'll have to check these out!
I have this problem too! Miko destroys EVERYTHING! Animals...decapitated. Tennis balls...stripped. Rope toys...turned to strands of thread. The only thing he did not totally destroy was his plastic frisbee and a round stuffed soccer ball, and I don't know why.

He also has a nylabone but he doesn't seem to be interested in it too much.
I don't remember having such a destructive dog! :) She's even killed the Booda toys! I worry about her eating the rope on some of the toys. Lord knows what she has already swallowed! I believe she is part goat. :)

Another toy bites the dust!
That is so oh-so familiar! Gracie had a bed that we bought her when were first got her. She has removed the stuffing from it. She is so ungrateful for the gifts we give her! :)
So I found this thread a couple months ago:
I went to one of the sites the thread refers to and bought a couple for Stewie.
OMG, they are awesome! I wanted to get him a "soft" toy that he couldnt destroy. And they have just that. I didnt want to get him a tire or something non-cuddly.
Their stuff is great, its made with like 4 layers of materials, one of them being luggage material. They have small little balls all the way up to giant dinosaurs which are sized for a great dane or a mastiff.
They also have "chew" levels, its good stuff.
BTW - We got Stewie a boomerang (which he loves to fling) and Larry the Lobster.
Kong toys are amazing. My girls have yet to destroy any of them. And water bottles sewed inside some fleece... she hasn't destroyed them yet either. Though I usually make those myself rather than buying them. It's cheaper to make them, and it's a great sewing project.


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