So, I try to do my research so I'm not the most annoying N00B, and I did find a lovely discussion here about flying with your Corgi!

But I am wondering if any other 2009 pups have flown this year?  How old were they and how did they do?

I'm thinking of taking a trip in Feb, when Jackson will be about 18 weeks, because-let's face it-he won't be able to fit under the seat forever!  My family is a 5 hour flight (ugh) away, but at the end of the rainbow there are two Chihuahua's and my doting family that would just eat him to pieces. 

The only option for me at this point is to fly him as carry on.  Hopefully this is the only time he will fly and I think he would do very well.  He is currently 12 weeks and only 6.2 lbs so his weight and measurements should not be an issue...

Any help would be greatly appreciated, as always :)

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Nibbler has not flown anywhere, but I do remember reading some tips in a book ( I think it was Puppies for Dummies LOL ). It said it might be a good idea to freeze water into travel containers, the ones designed to attach to the carrier. It will be a short enough trip you don't have to worry about food as much. Be prepared for a clean up after the trip, in case he goes potty in the carrier. Depending on his personality you might want to also let your veterinarian know about your trip, if your puppy tends to be nervous or cautious about new situations. Some dogs get overly anxious and need to be medicated but this is only for severe cases of anxiety. This link might be helpful as well.


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