Does anyone else have a corgi that loves grass and bird poop as much as my corgi?

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Miso is obsessed with grass. I usually catch her and do a quick mouth swipe, but there are times I miss.

She also likes wood chips.
Grass, bird poop, and insects...
She eats them all :(
Henry also likes grass. I think he smells something buggy in it. He will smell it then start biting at it. He also loves the bark we have in our garden. I am constantly having to take stuff out of his mouth. Now when I grab him to get the foreign object out he tries to run with it. He makes me laugh. It is so cute..=)
Barkley loves to eat anything and everything; grass, bird and rabbit poo, woodchips, sticks, bugs, etc. It seems to be something that they just do.


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