I was just wondering how much food I should be feeding my 10 1/2 month old corgi puppy.  According to the packaging on her dog food, she should be eating a cup to a cup and a quarter daily but ever since we started her on that amount she seems to be constantly hungry.  I dont want to over feed her because I dont want her to become over weight but I also dont want to be giving her too little an amount of food.  Advice please?  Thanks

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Jet just turned a year and I have been feeding him 1 cup of food split into 2 meals. He has been getting that same amount since he was about 6 months old. Sometimes his 1/2 for either meal is slightly more or less depending on how he is looking and how much exercise he has gotten for the day. Also if he is looking REALLLY hungry I throw in some green beans or other veggies. Jet is currently 25 lbs and still has a pretty good waist, maybe even a little too pudgy some days.
Maggie is a year old & getting 1/2 cup in the am & 1/2 cup in the pm. at day care she gets about 1/4 cup at lunch, only because the other pups are getting lunch.
from what I understand,, corgis are ALWAYS hungry. We do give her carrots & low cal. peanut butter as snacks.
Well thanks for the assurance guys! I have been giving Zoey 1-1 1/4 cups of food a day split into two meals as well but she just seems so hungry and she was never like before I cut her food down (and when she was getting more food she wouldn't even eat it all so it seemed like she only ate as much as she needed) so I was hoping I wasn't feeding her too little but I also know weight is an issue for corgi's. I guess this begging/constant hunger thing is something they grow into. And it's just so hard to say no to that cute little smiling face! haha Oh well its for the best. Anyways, thanks guys!


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