Hi everyone

Just curious about what might have happened to Colbie's siblings, what they're like now, and thought it would be cool if we found some of them on mycorgi.

Colbie was born 9-22-09 in Waddell, AZ. She's a red/white female Pembroke. There were 2 other females and 3 males (all red/white) in the litter!

She has been such a joy. She has a very calm temperament, is very friendly, and loves to cuddle. She learned several commands quickly when she was only 10 weeks old. Right now we're trying to teach her to wipe her paws on the floormat after coming in from outside.

Feel free to share your stories even if your puppy's not her sibling!

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Ramona, I hope you find some information! Great idea! My Tucker was born in March and comes from Kentucky.
Thanks for the comment Lisa! Your corgis are beautiful!
Thanks Ramona. I'm a bit partial, but I think so too! Ha! They are the best dogs I've ever had. I just love them to pieces. Your Colbie seems sweet too. I will check out your page. How are things going with wiping the paws? And how do you train that?
Hi Lisa,

Teaching Colbie to wipe her paws has been so hard! She used to wipe her back paws every time after she voided so I just took advantage of those times and would say the command "paws" and then praise her after doing it. But then, recently, she stopped doing it so i tried to teach it to her manually by grabbing one of her paws and doing the motion while saying the command...she doesn't get it. She's totally distracted by my holding her paw and just wants to gnaw on my hand. Other times, when i hold a treat out, she just tries to grab the treat and doesn't even realize i'm moving her foot. It's not really working, but i'm still trying!


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