Hi everyone,

Now that we're nearing the *end* of 2009... most of you have already gone through this.

I'm 24 in a city/apartment setting and I'm wondering if any of you have invaluable advice for puppy proofing. Right now I've got the obvious covered, pen in the kitchen, crate, keep the house as spotless as possible from the floor to three feet, etc, but does anyone have an hints that you WISH you knew before you got started?

This is my first dog as my sole responsibility, though growing up my family had a Sheltie from puppy to adult, and two rescue Chihuahuas... so I'm not completely clueless...

Thanks for the help!

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I completely agree with Keena. The cords were our big problem and Jet also ate a laptop cord and cell phone charger. We think he got a tiny shock with the cell phone charger because that was the last cord he got to. We haven't had to use actually baby gates but we had to place a basket in the bathroom so Jet can't get to the cat litter boxes. He discovered what was in there and was constantly trying to get more....it was REALLY gross. Now he completely leaves it alone and the cats are able to jump over the basket. (Not sure if you have cats, but a good thing to know)
Thanks so much, this is very helpful. My plan is just to keep things as neat as possible but I'll really have to make sure the cords are out of reach, because we do have a few around the house.

And then I was thinking of getting a pen. For the most part I feel like there's not *too* much to get into that's not behind a closed door, so hopefully he'll be okay to explore once he's a little bigger. I'm sure, either way, you will hear of my trials and tribulations haha.
For us, the pen and baby gates were more for potty training than anything else. If you can't see your pup, you won't be able to interrupt them when they start to "go" and correct them. Then they'll think it's ok to go potty there. We found out fast that the only reason Caly left the room we were in was to go find a potty spot. Thank goodness she's housebroken now. Good luck with your little one!
I have to agree with others' comments so far: our 9 month old just ate the cord to the last floor lamp I owned. I ran the cord up over his crate but it must have fallen behind it somehow. He managed to get to it while still in his crate...DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THE CORGI! Thankfully the wire was not live, otherwise I think we'd have a hot dog!

Lots of toys will also help - the more fun stuff that's good to play with, the less that you'll have to worry about everything else. I also went with metal-legged furniture to reduce the chewing.

One other suggestion: make sure all small areas are covered somehow. If your puppy can get under the couch, it will. Under a chair, in a cubby, in a corner, anywhere that you can't reach - Murphy's Law: that's where your dog will go!

Have fun!
One thing that I haven't seen here yet: area rugs

Killian is an area rug destroyer! He's fine while you're there but the second you leave the room he starts pulling it apart. Already lost a set of bathmats... (he chewed those up in 10 minutes while I was showering) Still not completely sure how to put my kitchen mat back down without losing it. :D
I know I am coming to this discussion a little bite late! We had the same issue with bathmats, that was the one thing we overlooked. We try to keep the bathroom doors closed now but sometimes we forget. She's not nearly as bad about it as she used to be, she is 7 months old now. She would also go for wooden legs of furniture but she eventually learned that it made us happy when she chewed her toys. What worked best for us was actually keeping her on a lead when we were home. Because of this we haven't lost anything because of her chewing.
I think it's time for me to really take a good look at my house. I'm really hoping that I can start strong with the little one and keep him busy with toys, playing, etc, so that way he will have a positive outlet for all of his craziness.

Looking forward to the challenge though! It will be interesting to say the least :)
Cords and rugs, AMEN! Also, mine chewed up a cell phone beyond repair. Always keep the coffee table/side tables clear of anything they can get to and keep plants at a good height. Their curiosity is beyond anything I've ever seen. With the rugs, my little guy won't eat the material - just chew it and leave it all over. The cords are just something you have to try and block off but sometimes they just get them like the others have said. Just try and keep the ones they're most likely to get and hardest to hide unplugged when you can. That way, the little one won't get shocked if he chews through it. Good luck!
I know this was like a month ago, haha.. One thing I learned along the way is that new things are in more danger, I'm assuming because it has a fun, new scent. If you fold a new pair of jeans in your bottom drawer, it is in danger. New bottle of shampoo under the bathroom sink? Danger. New shoes, lamps, chairs... Eddy would show no interest in many things until we would buy one, brand-new, and bring it home.


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