Hello everyone.  Gracie was was born 3/05/2009.  My how time flies!  She has turned into a wonderful dog.  We're looking forward to getting her a brother this year.  We had hoped to get one earlier but I got very sick and was hospitalized for almost 5 weeks.  I missed Gracie so much!  When I got back home, I couldn't believe how big she got.  We took her to the vet the other day and she weight 30.9 pounds - gaining 4 pounds since January.  She doesn't look fat but is very solid. We have her on a natural diet dog food (California Natural Lamb and Rice. I wanted to see what all of your dogs weigh now. The vet doesn't think she needs to be on a diet. She doesn't get table scraps.  She loves carrots, bananas and ice cubes! 

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Penny is about 31 pounds, doesn't look fat either. My vet said she could stand to lose a pound or two, that you should be able to feel the ribs under the coat but not see them.
Dylan will be a year on the 23rd of June, almost a year old, yes, the time does fly.....Just had him neutered a couple of weeks ago and he was 28 pounds. He is very stocky, lots of bone....

Scout is now 7.5 months and weighs 24 pounds. He also gets Cal Nat Lamb and rice puppy. my last corgi weighed 28 pounds.
Have you tried adding green beans to gracie's food. they love them and it adds some bulk so they feel full without adding any fat and very few calories
Ace is a little over 7 months now *just barely* and i think he is closing in on 20 lbs
Wow, I guess Tulip is petite! We just went to the vet for their yearly exams and Tulip, born 3/15/09, weighed 21lbs. Peanut, who is 5, weighed 27lbs. Our vet found no problems and thought they were both in perfect shape. Peanut is a male and he is solid, Tulip is longer than Peanut and slender. My first Corgi, Pete, weighed around 32-34lbs all of his adult life.

Sorry to hear you were ill Dara. Hope you are feeling all better now. Hugs to Gracie, and yes, she needs a brother!!!!
Well Lola will be 9 months tomorrow and at the vet last weekend she weighed 18 lbs. Her mom was small and she is very petite, like me! We feed her Blue and she loves it.
Jet was born 4/16/09 and weighs in at 25lbs. He eats Wellness Lamb and can never get enough. We are constantly giving him new foods to try and not found something he won't eat. The first time he tries something he seems to roll it around in his mouth, spits it out, plays with it a little more, and then finally eats it. Not sure why he does that but I think it's really cute.
Jasper was born 1/23/2009 and when we went to the vet last week he was 31.5 lbs. He doesn't look fat and the vet said he doesn't need to lose any weight. Guess he's just solid too!
Zoey just turned 1 year on June 1st and she weighs 17.5 pounds. She is kind of smallish but the vet says she is just fine - she is just a smaller dog. One of her male litter-mates is much bigger but think he gets a lot of extra food. :)
Here's a photo from about a month ago.

Toby is almost 6 months old and weighs 24 pounds.
Enzo turned 1 May 12th. He weighs 35.6 lbs, the vet said he is fine. He eats taste of the wild & occasionally cheese, peanut butter, frozen yogurt we make for him. We keep him very active taking him to the park 5 days a week to swim & run.
Zoey is almost a year old now and about 22 pounds. She has a healthy figure and the vet said she shouldn't gain anymore weight.


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