Hello everyone.  Gracie was was born 3/05/2009.  My how time flies!  She has turned into a wonderful dog.  We're looking forward to getting her a brother this year.  We had hoped to get one earlier but I got very sick and was hospitalized for almost 5 weeks.  I missed Gracie so much!  When I got back home, I couldn't believe how big she got.  We took her to the vet the other day and she weight 30.9 pounds - gaining 4 pounds since January.  She doesn't look fat but is very solid. We have her on a natural diet dog food (California Natural Lamb and Rice. I wanted to see what all of your dogs weigh now. The vet doesn't think she needs to be on a diet. She doesn't get table scraps.  She loves carrots, bananas and ice cubes! 

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Dexter is about 9 months now and he weighs 22 lbs. We are feel him Cali Nat Lamb and Rice. It must be a corgi preferred food..haha


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