The problem with having a smart breed of dog is that they can figure out so many ways to investigate things you thought were puppy-proof!! I thought it would be fun to compare notes and commiserate with other owners and their mauled possessions...

Indy just chewed up a Netflix disc last night... wups. He also loves to attack my coasters (stealing them and hiding them in the yard) and has one pair of slippers down for the count. I've been pretty lucky so far but the older he gets (8 mos now), the more mischief he finds. :o How about your little ladies and gents, what have they gotten into? :)

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lol Indy sounds like todd and zoe!! Zoe is my little mischief... and Todd joins in on the fun... she gets into everything... the trash is her biggest thing even though we do our best to get it up and puppy proof it... she still gets her little paws into it! also she got into our couch and pulled out have the stuffing to one of the pillows... :( what a mess! but oh well its the great thing of having a pup! todd just rips all the stuffing from his toys and throws it everywhere! lol... got to love them right!
Miko has gotten into everything possible. He figured out how to get out of his play pen and our latest victim was the linolium in my parents bathroom! Surprisingly, my dad was not mad and laughed when I said that Miko probably hated the print as much as everyone else. He has destroyed all of his toys and some of the furniture and other random things that he has found! Hopefully they will grow out of it!
Gracie loves my old bath robe. She got a hold of it and was dragging it down the hall. I'm just glad that I wasn't in it! :) It is 2 1/2 the size of her so she looks silly dragging it around.
My puppy sophie is a little terror at 5 months, just 2 weeks ago she somehow managed to find some sort of usb cable and ate it and digusted it. I had to take her to the vet to make sure everything was ok and what not and she ended up staying over night, but no surgery so I was happy. Then the next day she did it again! then just this past week she eat my telephone line....She loves cords and idk why. she likes clothing but wont really destroy it jus run around the house with it. But other than that I can't think of anything else that she has gotten into
So far, Brian, my 13 week old, has chewed through a cable, tore some foam out of his bed, and tore off the rubber rim around his double diner food bowl.
Dexter thinks its the greatest thing when I put my tiger slippers on and can latch onto an ear while I walk around the house. Oh did I mention the daily ritual of sorting through the clothes on the floor for yesterday's socks to chew under the breakfast table.


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