I am just curious right now - how soon did you or will you add another pup to your pack? I've never had two dogs at one time. We want to eventually get another puppy but not any time real soon. Gracie is still a puppy. Is is best to add a member of the opposite sex? We were thinking to wait until she was a year or year and a half. It would need to be a more submissive dog since I think Gracie is very strong-willed and bossy. When did you get another family member? How did you bring in a new addition?

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We got Penny when Faulks was 2 and a half. Still young but not too young that having a puppy around would make him forgetful of all the training he has had :)
I heard that when adding a new puppy sometimes the older puppy will "forget" their house training and pick up on bad habits.
I would agree to waiting a year or so. Most folks say that a male female mix is better than 2 females as they are bossy. I have 2 males and they don't have issues, but then that might be luck. My older pup is a good teacher for my younger one as far as housetraining and such. Leo is in a stubborn stage right now and is quite defiant so he requires more training right now than Randy. If I had it to do over I would wait until Leo was 2 or so before getting another pup just for this reason.


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