Yesterday we brought home a new baby sister for Dexter!    This is Marple.   She's his full sister, although a year and a half younger.   At first, Dexter was unsure of these new developments, but she's proven to be a great playmate so he's okay now.

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Aww, congratulations! She's adorable. I can't wait to meet her, Finn will be so excited. :)

We've been talking a lot about getting a second dog too. They're just so expensive in the beginning with the purchase, puppy vaccines, neuter/spay etc. We'd like to get a little girl too.
What a cutie! No doubt that sad look will be replaced with bright eyes and Corgi mischief in short order. Congrats to you guys on the new pup and playmate for Dexter.
Marple is precious even with those sad eyes , the boys will love her.

Alive have you thought of rescue. Both Cardigan's and Pembroke have rescue groups. I remember from the picnic that you mentioned that Finn came from Texas. There are quite a few in Texas....................also in Phoenix you have Cactus corgi rescue and Az corgi rescue. Give them a shot. I know some people who did it and have loving dogs who were looking for a forever home...................Rosemary
Hi Rosemary,

Finnigan is actually from New Mexico. I did search rescue for a couple years before getting Finn but I never found a Cardi. There were a couple that said they were Cardis but they didn't look like Cardis. If we were to get a Pem I'm sure we could find one in rescue but with a Cardi we would likely have to go through a breeder. Plus, we would want a puppy so we know she is being raised right to avoid behavioral problems and provide necessary socialization. We've had rescue dogs in the past and most of them came with behavioral issues, some more severe than others. But again, if I found a female Cardigan nearby in rescue, we would definitely check her out.

Have you seen any Cardis in the AZ Corgi rescues?
She's sooooo cute! And I love her name! It's like Marble and Maple mixed up.
She definitely is cute. Dexter is adjusting well. "Marple" is short for "Miss Marple":
Updated photo: Dexter (l) and Marple (r) destroying a toilet paper tube

Aw! what sweet eyes! :) and such mischievous little monsters!
HOW CUTEEEEEEEEEEE! They are such cute dogs but their puppy faces are THE BEST. I am so glad they both have a playmate. Where did you get this little cutie??? Look how cute those pink ears are and lucky for you those ears are standin straight up! Can't wait to meet her either.


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