Hello Milwaukeeans! Anyone interested in starting a monthly meetup group at a local dog park? Granville Dog Park is a blast, but I know there are other off-leash areas with lots of room to roam.

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sounds like fun... when we gonna go? edan is dieing to get out and play with other dogs
That would be fun!
Check out the new group I started for the Milwaukee Area...maybe we could get something going: http://www.mycorgi.com/group/corgimaniacsofthemilwaukeemelange
Mequon Dog Park is a off-leash park, but it is not fenced. So if any of these little guys/gals are runners. It could be problematic.

Would love to meet other corgis. Nice to play with somedog one's own size.

Okay, okay, the summer is officially away from us. Is anyone available to meet up on Thursday the 20th? There is a get-together of lots of dogs of all breeds (and their people) at Bartolotta's Northpoint (by Bradford Beach) from 5 to 9, with food proceeds going to the Wisconsin Humane Society. I figure we can get together, say hi, eat some food etc. There won't be a place for us to let the pups off-leash, but after we meet everyone we can try to get something else together. It's a good cause, and a relaxed environment. Any takers?



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