I started around 8 weeks....and she loves it! Does anyone clip their dog's nails on their own?? I'm worried that places like PetsMart will clip them too short...

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PS I've brushed my pups teeth too. It's chicken flavored and they seem to enjoy it.
We've started to brush Bunny's teeth, short periods of time and working our way to a full brushing. She doesn't seem to mind the beef flavored toothpaste.
When I took Bunny to the vet for a check up in early Dec., the vet said that corgis frequently have extra teeth, about midway back on the sides. Our other vet thought it was tartar build up and it was still there after having her teeth cleaned.
Has anyone else heard this before (the extra teeth theory)? Bunny has it on both sides in the same place.
I brush my dogs teeth and clip her nails, it's easy and i would rather do it then someone else. It takes some practice but you'll get the hang of it.
Mac had really bad fishy breath and brown teeth! After spending about $150 to have his teeth deep cleaned I decided to give daily brushing a try. Knowing he's pretty cool with everything else he should be ok with it. I used my old Bruan electrical toothbrush, have him lay on his back between my legs to keep him in place and just brush his teeth with a little pet toothpaste. At first he gagged and was uncomfortable. After each brushing he gets a small carrot as treat. He's now used to the brushing but do put up a little fight. I focus on the back teeth becasue those have the most buildup.
I use the finger cover on Izzy and she doesn't seem to mind. Sparty is ten and after we had to have his teeth cleaned I realized that brushing was a good idea!
Since Freya was a puppy, I always stuck my fingers in her mouth and rubbed at her teeth. I introduced the brushing very slowly and she seems to enjoy it a lot--for the beef flavored toothpaste. I'm still trying to get to her bottom teeth--that seems to be the hardest for me.

Yes! I'm very good about keeping my dog and cats' teeth clean. What products are you guys using? My pets don't really go for the minty flavored toothpastes, they prefer the poultry kind. I also use the Petrodex breath spray, which is the only minty flavored thing my dog likes (not the cats). 


Has anyone else tried Oravet? It's an 8 week take-home kit you get from your vet. It's a tasteless, waxy substance you rub on your pet's teeth, that helps prevent tartar. I'm on week 2, so I'll see how it works. There's enough in one package to get all of my dogs teeth, and one of my cat's teeth. They both actually sit still for it.


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