My Alex is going to be 17 this year. I would like for him to live forever but know this is not going to be the case. Has anyone out there had thier Corgi live as long as mine? Just wondering.

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I met some folks camping last summer with one that was 20 but she could no longer walk. I want my Sparty to live forever too and he is 12. 17 gives me hope!
I have a corgi book and it says that the average life span is 15-20 years. So they have a really long life, which is good! :) It also said that oldest one recorded was 22 years old, so your corgi could have 5 more years left in him :)

Our family's first corgi when I was growing up lived to be 18 without any major health issures.Just a little deaf.Our corgis We had when Our own kids were growing up were 18 and 16 when they both passed.May You and Our Family have many more with Our present bunch!!We now have a 2 yr old and soon to be 3 yr old.

This is reassuring to hear of corgis living long lives. My corg is turning 8 in a month and is now being referred to as a senior by the vet. This makes me so sad. I too wish my dogs could live forever. It's simply not fair!!!


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